J. Prince Threatens Birdman Over Drake Drama

J. Prince, the founder of Houston-based Rap-a-Lot Records, took to social media to call out Birdman for his troubling pattern of not paying collaborators. J. Prince brought up the example of his son, Jas Prince, and drama he faced around not receiving payment for linking Birdman with Drake.

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39 thoughts on “J. Prince Threatens Birdman Over Drake Drama

  1. A real gangster is not on social media making threats and talking shit. A real gangster is all about action and keeping his mouth shut. Threats would come in the form of violence and possibly murder with no clues. Birdman has fucked over and pissed off a lot of people in the industry which is something a SMART gangster would use to eventually get away with murder.

  2. Smart Businessman..I think people so use to crash dummy shit and drama before the chips even fall.Internet vampires waiting on some juice.U expect for him to go in kill Birdman and his security/someoffduty laws while under surveillance, take his spoils, then post it online so some young retarded internet thirsty muthafucka can call him REAL.? wtf…Meanwhile the post on instagram was for a book promotion.This is a generation that dont need to commit no crimes, to thirsty and microwave driven.Every dog got his day. Its called Patience.

  3. Damn Straight Mob Shit…But Say Rap A Lot Also Had Problems Paying Underground Rappers Such As Z-Ro. He Even Dissed Rap A Lot In A Song For Saying He Was Supposed To Be Rich ahaa…I Guess Petty Underground Money Dont Count. Drake In The Millions.

  4. Bird man not scared of jprince
    I dont see jprince or his wanna be hard son going to look for him in new orleans sense everybody wanna say jprince this and he that stop talking jprince show your son and the world how you gonna force birdman to give you millions of dollars

  5. Lol birdman not scared of jprince
    Bird is a boss also and got mob blood connections and said on wendy williams he is a gangster now for me birdman not speaking on the jprince treats so now for all the niggazz say jprince is a mob and gangster i say stop talking and pull up and for jprince jr stop asking your daddy to deal with birdman and do your own business thats how you get respect not smoking on cigars and acting tough on instachat….im not impressed with the jprince suppose to be this big wolf because slapping zro and scareface who dont have millions doesnt count pick on someone your own size but i see you not slapping 5star stunna

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