J.R. Smith Hurled a Bowl of Soup at Cavs Assistant Coach & Got Suspended

ESPN reports that Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith received his one-game suspension earlier this week because of an altercation with assistant coach Damon Jones, but the most important piece of information regarding the incident comes from what Jones was allegedly attacked with. Multiple sources with insider information claim Smith threw a bowl of soup at Jones.

Before the Cavaliers’ 108-97 loss to the 76ers on Thursday night, the team announced that Smith would be sitting the game out. Assistant coach Damon Jones and Smith have both declined to comment on the situation, but head coach Tyronn Lue explained he had “a little discussion” with Smith over the incident. Smith is already playing again today, but understandably, people on Twitter have had a field day with the news.

Hopefully the soup wasn’t hot, but considering that Smith is already playing again, it probably wasn’t all that dangerous. Don’t throw soup, kids.

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42 thoughts on “J.R. Smith Hurled a Bowl of Soup at Cavs Assistant Coach & Got Suspended

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