Ja Rule & Black Mafia Family Diss 50 Cent For Aligning Himself With Tekashi 6ix9ine

Ja Rule is back to dissing 50 Cent. On Wednesday (September 18), the Murder Inc. vet reposted a photo of his longtime adversary posing with the currently incarcerated Tekashi 6ix9ine with the words “SNITCH” and “WANKSTA” written in all caps.

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30 thoughts on “Ja Rule & Black Mafia Family Diss 50 Cent For Aligning Himself With Tekashi 6ix9ine

  1. Ja rule said 50 ban from detriot WHAT DOES MEAN coming from ja rule? What will happen if 50 goes to detriot after this BROKE ASS ja rule… I dont get u niggas saying that… 50
    Has alot going for him self… And its always hIs own KIND doing all the hating… Damn shame

  2. Yo bruh yall to old to be acting like this
    Haven't yall all learned from beefs of past rappers enough will all this silly shit all yall doing is being a spectacle of entertainment and
    Laughter for social media but then when some serious shit go down none of these so called fans gonna give a dam
    Let that beef shit go bruh life too short especially for us brothers
    go out live your best life time to grow up
    It ain't worth it

    Real talk

  3. If 50 Cent have anything to do with the Supreme Team movie it wouldn't be a good luck I'm going to say that because he wouldn't be accurate murder ink is a significant part of the Supreme teams and Fred mcgriff's life he will not be picked up because of his beef with them I suggest he does not do it

  4. Yeah he aligned himself with 69 when he knew he was a pedophile…. Plus 50 gave statements on Jimmy Henchman of course the feds can't publicly say he was the informant but also 50 called the cops on Chris Irv Gotti and Blackface n murder inc n got restraining orders against them… 69 was the only friend 50 had nobody fucks with him not even Eminem…. Yayo does bc 50 pays his bills 50 is a lying fake thug rat i mean what thug gets shot 9 times n don't shoot back? What thug or normal person chills wit pedophiles? Plus in an interview 3 days ago 50 said after 69 started snitchin he understands why… Huh?? All he got is his diceating fans… Plus he shunned his 1st born son for no reason from birth so he's a deadbeat DAD to boot…. He a lame rat bitch

  5. Where is ja getting all this momentum from..? Using 50's name? I'm pretty sure ja got that film idea from seeing 50's success.. dishonorable niggas shh

  6. Everyone talk like 25 cent dat nigga he a whole snitch an literally took papers out on Ja rule. Shady Aftermath blackballed murder Inc. At radio stations Em's money was longer smh

  7. Rick Ross stole his name from from the real Ricky Ross. Rick Ross used to claim BMF. He's not. Ja Rule was not there, idky he claims he's BMF. And they both beefing with 50 Cent. Something tells me Fif knows this and why he continues to beef with them both.

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