Jaclyn Hill CLAPS BACK At Trolls Who Criticized Her Face!

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Do you ever have one of those days? Days where things just aren’t going your way? Maybe you don’t feel cute or you think people don’t actually respect you? Maybe you have a mini mental breakdown if you’re feeling freaky? Yeah, we all have those days! But at least when you do, you don’t have an army of people attacking you online too.

What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and unfortunately YouTuber Jaclyn Hill is having all of those days described above! Poor girl!

Last Sunday, she decided to share a rare personal moment with her followers on Twitter.

She shared this photo of herself and some friends, along with “When you have a massive breakdown but your crew still has your back”.

A lot of brave, kind-hearted people tried to empathise with Jaclyn by sharing their own photo evidence of their good old-fashioned cry sessions.

Someone said “This was mine a couple weeks ago. It was a bad day at work for sure”.

And another said “This was me in the middle of chemo. I was in pain, I was tired but too uncomfortable to sleep, I couldn’t feed myself, I had just lost my eyebrows and hair, my skin was breaking out. I spent months bedridden. This was the moment I snapped.”

But some other people couldn’t let poor Jaclyn catch a break. And let me just give you a trigger warning, because some of these comments are extremely mean and hurtful. We at Clevver do not condone this kind of online behavior, but we work to show both sides to the story.

There were comments about how she was faking it for attention.

Someone said “cause taking a selfie to post right after a melt down is what everyone does.”

Jaclyn addressed these people, replying to one since deleted tweet with “I did not “stop for a selfie”. This was probably 20 minutes after I stopped crying, I looked in the mirror and laughed at how crazy my makeup looked. I thought it was funny, but also I appreciate these people more than they know. So we captured the moment! Seriously,who cares.”

But unfortunately, some people really do care. Worse than the people who thought she was faking it, some people actually were criticising the way she looked in her photo post-cry.

Like one person who took time out of their day to share a whole graph titled “the evolution of Jaclyn Hill’s face. Hashtag bloated. Hashtag chipmunk cheeks”

And Jaclyn responded to these as well. She said “Well… this year I have gone from 130 pounds to 155 pounds. Also, my nose filler, under eye filler, and botox have basically all worn off. So my face DEFINITELY looks different.”

I mean, fillers and botox DO wear off eventually, so that all makes sense.

Jaclyn followed up to the people hating on her on Twitter the following day, and said “I really miss my thin face and like not having a double chin when I laugh. But also…I really don’t give a fuck!”

I mean, Jaclyn, if you want to get fillers again, get fillers again! Ain’t no shame in it. But if you really don’t give a fuck, then who cares? You look great either way and you always know how to beat your mug for the gods.

Some people thought that the stress that she’s been under over the past few months might have had a negative impact on her physical health as well.

Someone suggested “have you had your cortisol (stress hormone) levels checked? Cushing’s syndrome is caused by excessive cortisol over a long period of time. One of the symptoms is rounding in the face. I’ve noticed you haven’t gained much weight elsewhere in your body”

But despite all the haters, Jaclyn still has some pretty die hard fans as well.

Someone said “How can anyone possibly not absolutely love Jaclyn Hill? I mean, she is so honest, so hard working, so real & vulnerable & inspiring. You’ve got this girl! We all need to not be afraid to ask for help or good thoughts when we need them, we are our own worst enemies sometimes!

So guys, let’s stay on the side of love, not hate. Even if Jaclyn messed up with her first launch, that doesn’t mean that she should be ostracised for the rest of her life. And it ESPECIALLY doesn’t mean we get to talk about her body or physical appearance.

Let’s hear all good things from you guys in the comments below. I challenge you to say one good thing about jaclyn, or another celebrity that you may not like.

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