Jaclyn Hill Will RELAUNCH Cosmetics Line After Major Scandal!

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Makeup lovers rejoice! Youtuber Jaclyn Hill has announced a relaunch of her cosmetics company — but will the new brand be enough for her fans to forget what happened the first time around?

What’s up guys, I’m Sussan Mourad with Clevver News and y’all know we love a good comeback! But fans are little skeptical that Jaclyn Hill of Jaclyn cosmetics can pull it off…

First, let’s take a look at her announcement! The makeup youtuber with more than 5 million subscribers posted this video onto her instagram account, writing: “The future is bright.” And she hinted at the date for her relaunch: 11/26/19.

And honestly… a lot of fans seem really excited about what the future looks like for Jaclyn Cosmetics. The comment section for the announcement was filled with happy customers who can’t wait to make their purchase!

That’s QUITE a change from just a few months ago when customers were downright LIVID with Jaclyn Cosmetics…

That celebration didn’t last long however…

When fans got their lipsticks, they noticed some really nasty flaws like hair in the products, black holes, and even shards of plastic. Um YUCK! The terrible reviews came pouring in.

Jaclyn immediately fired back saying that the products were safe to use — although to be fair, A LOT of cosmetics expert said otherwise — and she apologized for the mistakes.

But the damage was already done. Ultimately, Jaclyn stopped production entirely and offered full refunds to everyone who bought her lipstick, whether they complained or not. Talk about a PR nightmare!

In June, the youtuber deleted all her social media accounts. Needless to say, fans were super confused.

Can someone please explain [to] me if Jaclyn Hill deactivating her Twitter & Instagram has any relation with the fact that that those were the only 2 big platforms where she announced the refunds?

And this fan tweeted:

What if #jaclynhill deactivated her instagram and twitter so she won’t lose followers during all this commotion…

There were plenty of theories but pretty much everyone was in agreement: this was NOT a good look.

And when Jaclyn finally returned to social media, even she admitted that she made some major PR mistakes, along with the missteps with her cosmetics brand.

So the big question on everyone’s mind is… Will the relaunch of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics be any different? Can fans trust the quality of the Youtuber’s products this time around.

While we have to wait until November 26th to be 100% sure, Jaclyn does have a bit of a history of drama when it comes to makeup launches — and we’re talking about ones seperate from her own company.

Last year, beauty enthusiasts were awaiting the super hyped Jaclyn Hill collab with Morphe, and they just kept waiting. Just one week before the eye shadow palette scheduled to launch, Morphe announced it was delaying the products. Why?

On instagram they wrote, “Morphe is 100% committed to giving our #MorpheBabes high quality products that we’re all proud to use. With the the help of our loyal community, we found that some of the shades in the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Vault palettes did not meet our standards due to inconsistent production.”

And drama followed Jaclyn on yet another collab too… When the youtuber teamed up with cosmetics brand Becca several years back, it was a massive success! Except for several customers who, again, complained about the quality of the products.

The complaints were so bad, Becca actually decided not to release a limited edition version of the pair’s eyeshadow palette.

Sooooo….. Unsurprisingly, some fans are skeptical that the relaunch of Jaclyn Cosmetics will be any different from what happened this summer — or better yet, with previous launches.

This twitter user wrote: Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics is back and ready for another scandal!

And this person said: Maybe she should finish fixing her past mistakes first.

Ok, but let’s hear from you…

What do you make of all this DRAMA with Jaclyn Hill and her cosmetics company? Do you think she can really make a successful comeback?

And are you going to give her another shot by buying some of the products?

Let us know down below! And guys, don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News because we are definitely going to be tracking this story, along with all your favorite celebs!

I’m Sussan Mourad. See you next time!

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