Jaden Smith Explains Some Of His Most Confusing Tweets

Smith Explains Some Of His Most Confusing Tweets In the past few years, Jaden Smith has gone from a celebrity son to a bonafide actor and rapper in his own right. As he developed his own identity as an artist, Smith became known for a number of things including his dreads, Batman, and his very cryptic tweets.

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33 thoughts on “Jaden Smith Explains Some Of His Most Confusing Tweets

  1. People confuse actual intelligence for just remembering information then regurgitating it , it sounds like your clever when you repeat some info you read heard or seen in a video but it's just second hand information that someone else discovered. 1 can you understand it fully and 2 can you expound on it with a new invention or discovery , in jayden and willows case no that's why you get the nonsensical quotes

  2. what is this jaden smoking for real, sounds like he read a few articles about how eyes work and suddenly knows it all. "mirrors are flipped and so is what our eyes sees but our brains also flip it right side up, i must be a genius" lul okay man

  3. The idea of interference and diffraction follows the same logic. It is literally how chromatic light and many other EM waves travel. On a more broader scale, just a simple experiment by Young-Young's Double Slit Experiment, one can actually observe this. I would like to think that the human eye acts as a double slit of some sort. On to the topic of mirrors, well mirrors is very broad. You have several types, a flat mirror, convex mirror, concave mirror, etc. The perception of where an image may be is due soley to the foci of where the mirror is and where the actual image is. An easy but powerful equation to use is 1/f=1/s-1/s'. I believe that is right, lol, where s is the image and s' is the distance of the "new" image. I can go on forever, but bottom line is this stuff isn't more or less real or fake, it is just how waves and light interact with a surface and or a material. 😊. Physics is a beautiful science and also chemistry. Side note: the chemistry is dealing more with ground states and how much energy is emitted using Hydrogen Model as a standard. Very cool stuff. I thought to share.

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