James Franco Being Erased From Vanity Fair Cover Was a “Kick to the Gut”

Vanity Fair’s decision to remove James Franco from their annual Hollywood issue is just the latest development in his downward spiral following several sexual misconduct allegations. A source told ET that the removal was a major “kick in the gut” for Franco.

“He was supposed to be on this cover with all these Hollywood icons,” the source said. “It’s a very momentous moment. Opportunities like this don’t come around often. The cover was shot months ago, but I don’t know when they decided to remove him. James knew he was being cut as soon as the story [about his inappropriate behavior] broke. He’d been bracing for the fallout.”

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43 thoughts on “James Franco Being Erased From Vanity Fair Cover Was a “Kick to the Gut”

  1. I heard a clip of the one girl saying that it was consensual but that she was super nervous?!?! How is that mis conduct!!!!!! If there are any truth to them then he is responsible but I think girls that he slept with are now seeing a chance to get some fame!

  2. I hope that there is a way for him to sue all these magazines and award shows for snubbing him once he is proven innocent..or they themselves offer him a late award because his performance was the best this year.. poor guy..

  3. Being raised by two Mexican women (mom and sis), you guys are fucking clowns. You’re doing absolutely zero for feminism by perpetuating shit that is not even being close to confirmed. Absolutely nothing. That sucks.

  4. 3 of the 5 women who came forward were proven wrong by a female worker on the same project vouching for Franco, also come the fuck on the guy has been the "weirdly sexy sleazy funny guy" for 15 years and nobody had heard rumblings about him doing anything remotely foul, meanwhile everyone knew about literal rapist weinstein and afflecks. Doesn't add up.

  5. allegations that he's denied, which, yes, he could be lying, but nothing has been proven and he's already receiving punishment without a proof of guilt? This how we living in 2018? Guilty until proven innocent, and guilty even if proven innocent? Damn…makes me think sometimes sexbots couldn't come any sooner.

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