James Franco Denies Sexual Assault Allegations On Colbert

James Franco, who just won a Golden Globe for his performance as Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist, joined Stephen Colbert on the Late Show Tuesday night to discuss the film. Colbert also asked Franco about the criticism he received for wearing a Time’s Up pin during the Globes broadcast and the sexual misconduct allegations that have since resurfaced against him on Twitter. (His live event with the New York Times was also canceled earlier Tuesday.)

“Well, first I want to say I do support it,” Franco said of the Time’s Up initiative. “Look, I was so excited to win, but being in that room that night was incredible. I mean, it was powerful. There were incredible voices and I support it. I support change. I support 50/50 and 20/20, which just means people that are underrepresented—women and people of color, people in the LGBT community—get leadership positions, that they fill all positions that they’ve been deprived of. I completely believe in that. That’s why I wore it.”

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46 thoughts on “James Franco Denies Sexual Assault Allegations On Colbert

  1. He has every right to. My son is a witness in the last James Franco acting class. How these women were planning on some messed up stuff for their own personal gain. James is innocent! These women need to be called out. They are shaming the Me too movement! Wow!

  2. I still support James and I do think these allegations are false or embellished to some degree. I wish he would make smarter choices in his personal relationships. He's almost 40, seven college degrees, and I thought I had too many ( I have 3 😂), a spectacular film career, good friends, great family. He needs to be with someone that is at his level and STOP hooking up with teens, early 20 year old girls that could make him look bad in the eyes of society. I wish him the best. I still love him as an actor and overall seems like stand up guy. 😘

  3. Enough already! So tired of these stupid whores trying to ruin people’s career for fame and money. Prob realized their thot asses aren’t good for anything else but one night of fun and then got kicked out the next day and this is their plan to eat back. Come off the bs already ladies you’re making he rest of us women look bad. Jesus I can make sure they really do get raped. Lying ass thots

  4. Noooooo not James Franco!!! I don't believe this. who's next Justin Timberlake? anybody who's successful is being torn down. As far as Ally Sheedy she hasn't done anything in years. What about all the people in real life who are really attacked or victimized and nothing is ever done it just seems if somebody is famous and they say something out of line or do something that's just a joke their careers are destroyed. Yet women are raped every day and these rapes are reported to the police and guess what the police do? nothing. Supervisors and superiors coherse co-workers into sex and what happens to them? Nothing.just more Hollywood b.s.

  5. #metoo and Time's Up are such a joke. Women of the world need to speak up when something is actually going on, or directly after to people they can trust or law inforcement. Scratch a guy's eyes out, mace them, kick 'em in the nuts, etc. Wearing black and being all symbolic and sympathetic doesn't help anyone. You are not gonna change the public opinion by moaning about every single little thing, just the opposite. Yes, we need a lot more guys to stop being dicks, and No, we don't need over-sensitive women publicly shaming men. A lot of stories are far from accurate and aren't incriminating facts, but womens interpretation of a single moment of feeling uncomfortable when they wished they had stood up for themselves.

  6. Ok I get the whole Kevin Spacey and Harvey Wienstein thing. Literally only 2 people in Hollywood were "alleged" doing some fucked up shit. All these other guys did basically nothing or did something mildly inappropriate yet they should have there careers and reputations ruined. People need to wake up and realize all this talk is pointless and the global media is just force feeding you this shit so you don't think about the real problems we are facing in the world.

  7. nah he prob did it but the accusations aren't bad. He pushed his girlfriend at the times head down when she was blowing him and some other girl got mad bc she did 2 scenes naked when he was directing like a shortfilm or something. Plus he flirted with 2 17 year olds. Is that really like worth a scandal?

  8. My boy gets a golden globe and now woman wanna come out and say they got sexual assaulted why say something now and not then ? They are apart of the problem hard to feel sorry for someone who didn't say something then smh

  9. What happens when you're that rich?can't even flirt or put it in her butthole agressively without having a feminist try to bring you down, fuck that shit bro I'm tired of all these movements and all these "minority groups" they can suck it for real you know what's hard in 2018?being a white male,open them damn eyes

  10. Social Media is getting way out of hand.Why wait till he wins?why delete tweets?go to the police 👮🏾 and let them investigate???jeez its slaughter season in Hollyweird

  11. Enough with this fucking witch hunt it was understandable at the start of this “sexual harassment” bullshit but now it’s like who the fuck is gonna be on the news today and who the hell knows if it’s true with all these people jumping on the fucking bandwagon at this point.

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