Jamie Foxx Denies Allegation He Slapped a Woman With His Penis in 2002

Jamie Foxx is joining the list of celebrities accused of sexual misconduct. One woman, TMZ reports, has accused Foxx of non-consensually slapping her in the face with his penis in 2002.

Foxx has denied the accusation, calling it an โ€œabsurdโ€ lie.

The alleged incident took place in Las Vegas 16 years ago. The woman told police she was attending a party at the actorโ€™s place, when he asked her to perform oral sex. She claims that after she refused, Foxx struck her with his genitalia.

After the alleged encounter, the woman claims she was instructed to leave the house. When she returned home to L.A. the next day, Foxxโ€™s accuser claims she went to the hospital after suffering from a panic attack related to the assault.

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42 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx Denies Allegation He Slapped a Woman With His Penis in 2002

  1. who is this dumb bitch.. what happened she didn't see it coming did she suffer a concussion I mean she was down on her knees getting ready to get her temperature taken….. I don't understand these women today smh this happened in 2002 really is she serious???

  2. I think alot of these male celebrities. Need to stop being alone with these trying to get a come up bitches. Now its time for there entourage to step up there game. Put in work for your people.

  3. At the least the story is funny with the whole panic attack and all.. but Iโ€™m not putting him above this.. celebrity men feel entitled to have sex whenever they feel like it and when the woman says no they catch an attitude..

    Many women get thrown out of these mansion parties (Which Jamie is known for his parties there) when freaky hours roll around and theyโ€™re not with it… Not a far fetched story at all

    Is it worth bringing it up after all this time ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ

  4. it wasn't jamie foxx it was me, bitch was passed out drunk after puking on the toilet and i had to use it so i slapped her in the face with my penis to wake her ass up so i could piss. i apologize for slapping a bitch in the face with my penis. lol

  5. The Scientific study in this video should sum up a lot for you on why many women are acting the way they are today.

    It has to do with "Chimera/Microchimerism"

    As Scripture says: (Genesis 2:24) "Man will cleave unto his wife and they wiill become ONE flesh" = Merging DNA—

    This was a scientific study discovered by "Accident" in 2017.

    There's also a disinformation campaign to either debunk this or suppress/cover it up/keep it hidden in order to protect (promiscuous)women's fragile egos.

    This also explains why most (if not all) promiscuous women cannot pair-bond with a man in a relationship because they're so damaged with all of their past male sex partners DNA inside of them. They're tainted and deceived.

    Feminism and the women's sexual liberation movement is all just the serpent deceiving Eve again.

    "There is nothing new under the sun". (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

  6. Folks,

    Be careful with some of these women in here commenting and pretending they are really against this takedown of men. It's just another Trap from them.

    They're whining against it now only because it's now affecting THEMSELVES too. They could care less about men going through this. It's all because it's coming back to bite THEMSELVES. It's still all about about THEM.

    Where were they all at when this was happening before and shortly after MGTOW? They were mutes and benefitting from it it
    It gave them a false sense of empowerment over men.

  7. They're attacking like it was his tail or as if he mario jumped high enough to get her in the face like really.
    Even if he did how tf does this get classed as assault, taking into account how the situation most likely went down.

    Feel free to call me ignorant ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฟ

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