Jamie Foxx Tells Crazy Stories About Drake, Diddy & More, Explains Origin of Stage Name

We sat down with Jamie Foxx for an extended interview, where we talk about his crazy parties, Drake before he was famous, and the origins of his stage name.

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46 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx Tells Crazy Stories About Drake, Diddy & More, Explains Origin of Stage Name

  1. If some people they tied about the history from him even he said 100times the same history SO what the problem ? If is really problem for you all SO why to hear him one more times ? πŸ‘ŽπŸ€˜πŸ‘Š

  2. 5:48 A true interviewer with range…. HE knew Jaime Meant Denzel Washington But also knows his younger viewers might be thinking Denzel Curry, which would be plausible because Jaimie says he invites up and coming acts to his house.

  3. Well if they ask him the same questions what is he expected to say? At least he is consistent. I never get tired of his stories. esp his impressions.

  4. I've heard these same stories from him on multiple venues…. atleast 5 different instances. Its a good story for a comedian because the impressions are ripe for the pickings and everyone now knows they're legit.

  5. Jamie knows how to sell a story. Just how he explains the Tyson movie reminds me almost 20 years ago when He was talking about the Ray Charles movie. Expect another Oscar from this movie whenever it comes out. Jamie is blessed by God with his talent and shares it with the world.

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