Jamie Foxx Will Star as Spawn in Todd McFarlane–Directed Film

Jamie Foxx is officially the new Spawn.

Deadline reports the Academy Award–winning actor will portray the famed antihero in a film adaptation. Todd McFarlane, who created the character and later debuted him in 1992’s Spawn #1 will make his directional debut under Blumhouse Productions, the same company behind Get Out, Insidious, The Purge, and Paranormal Activity.

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46 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx Will Star as Spawn in Todd McFarlane–Directed Film

  1. If I have to remind everybody remember the Last Blade movie was directed buy the creator of blade he decided he wanted to be a director and we all know what a s*** of a movie that was. I don't even consider that a blade movie Blade 1 Blade 2 where the best movies directed by the same person. that's the same s*** is going to happen here Todd McFarlane wants to be a director now and he's going to direct his spawn character right into the trash. And the proof of that was that the first 10 minutes of the last Blade where the best in the movie and they weren't directed by the Creator it was directed by the original director that directed Blade 1 and Blade 2 and he directed the first 10 minutes which were the best part in the movie The Rest was directed by the Creator of blade and the movie sucked buttermilk.

  2. I’m intrigued but worried. I love the spawn comics however the budget is what may kill the it’s potential to be a horrific and gory antihero story but $10-$12 million is it’s rumored budget and that is too fucking low. Jamie foxx can act his ass off in the movie but I can’t buy a cheap ass rubber suit

  3. This is exciting… But also not…. Im SO down for a spawn rebot, wich makes me excited
    Im also a Jamie Fox fan, but i REALLY dot see him in this roll… Idk, maye itll make it better if it actually works… I just dont see it though… But i am however optimistic

  4. I love the graphic novel. I love the anti-hero and the series as a whole and I adore Jamie Foxx but I don’t like him being cast as Al Simmons; I personally feel as lesser known character actor or even an more controversial method actor should’ve been cast….but that’s just me;

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