Jared Leto Joins ‘Spider-Man’ Villain Spinoff ‘Morbius’ Weeks After Securing Joker Movie

The big-screen Spideyverse continues to expand, as Sony has tapped Jared Leto to star in the spinoff Morbius. According to Variety, director Daniel Espinosa (Safe House) is slated to helm the film named after the Spider-Man villain of the same name.

With this new role, Leto leaps from DC Comics to Marvel, after playing the Joker in 2016’s Suicide Squad and securing a standalone movie for the character earlier this month. His recent roles include Blade Runner 2049 and Netflix’s The Outsider.

This new film joins a slew of Spider-Man spinoffs Sony is currently developing in the wake of losing the actual hero himself to Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. These include Tom Hardy’s Venom, hitting theaters Oct. 5, and Silver & Black, coming Feb. 8, 2019. There are also rumors circulating that Kraven and Mysterio spinoffs are in the works, but Sony has yet to confirm.

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41 thoughts on “Jared Leto Joins ‘Spider-Man’ Villain Spinoff ‘Morbius’ Weeks After Securing Joker Movie

  1. He's a oscar winner and made espectacular films on his carreer, one film goes wrong and you all start say that he is a trash actor, for fuck sake, get some information and look at yourself in the mirror before saying bad things about someone

  2. Damn Sony grasping at straws at this point. A Venom solo flick makes sense given that he can be an anti hero at times but a straight up Morbius the Living Vampire movie? Color me unimpressed.

  3. yo he should play on the new PASSION OF CHRIST,as jesus frfr,might just raise christian awarness,or at lrast have a few couple thousand followers,not that i give into religion,i tend to back out of those specific conversation

  4. so… how is it that sony still owns spider man's villains and venom himself, but not spiderman? If they sold him back to marvel i would assume everything affiliated would be too.

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