24 thoughts on “Jay-z drops same day as Nas again, diddy Lori Harvey more dates, Remy Ma parole track

  1. Diddy is the ni99a helping R.kelly out ya didnt know .. when yall hear kelly bail out or get out of trouble is cause diddy putz up the bread on the low🕵️‍♂️ smfh diddy u a dirt ball some one need 2 dick his daughter dwn where diddy daughter at … some one nut on dat bitch face 😂😂😂

  2. Jay-z did not drop anything that’s just disingenuous you fucking clown. It’s R&B album of the lion king that just came out. Everyone is talking about lost tapes 2

  3. It's not your BUSINESS. This Woman is an ADULT. I'm not a Diddy fan. I know he's not Breaking the Law. Y'all worried about a Grown Woman dating a Grown man. The only thing wrong is that it was his Son's Ex. Not Age. If the two people in it don't give a fuk. Why you worried about it? If people are HAPPY. STFU!

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