Jay Z Responds To George Zimmerman on New DJ Khaled Song

There’s a lot to love about the new DJ Khaled single. The track has contributions from Beyoncé and Future, as well as poster-worthy cover art featuring increasingly prolific executive producer Asahd. ​​Back in December, George Zimmerman—who was charged with second-degree murder in 2012 and acquitted in 2013—told the Blast he knows “how to handle people who fuck with me” after producers for Jay’s upcoming Trayvon Martin documentary allegedly tried to interview his family. “I have since February 2012,” he said. Additionally, Zimmerman said he would feed “anyone who fucks with” his family to an alligator.

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26 thoughts on “Jay Z Responds To George Zimmerman on New DJ Khaled Song

  1. Jay-Z is a moron he's an idiot and he's a racist and he's always been a racist and he's a fake and he does nothing for nobody but Jay-Z Snoop Dogg another phony he ought at least share some of that money with a poor African-American people that by his stuff but he only rubs elbows with the rich people he's just another Rich follow me loser

  2. God bless you George. Continue to protect righteous people including your family. Jay sleaze is known for speaking bullshit in his song's. It's all fairy tales for him and his fellow rappers.

  3. George can't beat nobody that's why he needs a gun, Trayvon was whippin George's butt, (a so called man being beat by a boy) or he's just a boy who can't be a man or even step to a man, so he would only be out there messing with boys then try to hide in the distance and try to talk like he's tough knowing that he can't back it up. He unstable and never should of been in possession of a gun. Maybe he wouldn't been approaching teenagers talking trash and can't bust a grape, ( he's a poot butt).
    If he was in jail where he belong
    Then we really could see how tough he is???
    He is just another punk or a "Wanksta" who thinks he's bad because he got away with taking someone's life.

  4. If George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin was traumatic enough for him to kill Martin, why start bragging about it, threatening others and being weird. Maybe his conscious is eating at him.

  5. Carla Linton. If George Zimmerman even try to do anything to Beyonce and Jay Z. He will get the hell beat out of him. Because one thing about it. Jay Z and Beyonce don't take no shit off of no Damm body.

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