JayDaYoungan – “Crying Inside” (Official Music Video – WSHH Exclusive)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “Crying Inside” by JayDaYoungan.
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Track produced by Heartbeatz, KP & M. Brown.
Video directed by Marc Diamond.
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Author: admin

33 thoughts on “JayDaYoungan – “Crying Inside” (Official Music Video – WSHH Exclusive)

  1. Oh my God I never heard a sound like this this is the most amazing thing I ever heard ….SIKE!!! are you fucking serious auto tune !!!!can you guys be a little more original shit!

  2. lyrics:
    Top one, top one (Oh-woah)
    Top one, top one
    Top one, top one

    [ stream: https://youtu.be/USVnZRziEic after https://youtu.be/USVnZRziEic 💎]

    I'm down on my knees, I need you for real
    I been beggin' 23 please to stop chewin' pills
    And I did everything to win, feel like I'm losin' still
    Sometimes I wish that I could live the life I used to live
    Like you don't love me no more, ain't how I used to feel
    This shit ain't just begin, it been like that a few lil' years
    What about the times you gave me mind with them lil' juicy lips?
    And when I fucked you from behind, couldn't keep your booty still
    stream: https://youtu.be/USVnZRziEic 💎

    Swerve on him, better not curve on him
    I said fuck that boy, we gon' put that 30 on him
    Swerve on him, better not curve on him
    I said fuck that boy, we gon' put that 30 on him
    stream: https://youtu.be/USVnZRziEic 💎

    All my niggas on that shit, they want that shit, we doming shit
    I don't really want that bitch, she on my dick 'cause I'm the shit
    Riding 'round in a two-seater, I'm solo on some lonely shit
    They speakin' on me, they too broke, I cashed out on some owner shit
    Lil' nigga but I'm big homie, ridin' with a stick on me
    I live this lifestyle like Rich Homie, I done got rich on 'em
    And all these pussy niggas real phony, I take a piss on 'em
    He better know I keep this bitch on me, came with the dick on it
    She wanna fuck, her pussy wet, she told me put the tip on it
    I told that bitch, give me your fit, she grabbed my dick and gripped on it
    I wanna nut, so open up, come here and put your lips on it
    Bae, do your shit and hit a split, let me see if you can sit on it
    stream: https://youtu.be/USVnZRziEic 💎

    Know they don't give two fucks, but for myself, I'm proud
    Been sufferin' from depression, livin' like this for awhile
    Been searchin' for a blessing or someone who'll make me smile
    And yeah, every day I'm stressin', but I can't throw in the towel
    If you was out there with me, you know how I feel about you
    If you would kill about me, you know I'd kill about you
    The ones who really love me, them the ones who still around me
    If I don't fuck with you, I'll tell you how I feel about you
    stream: https://youtu.be/USVnZRziEic 💎

    This shit so deep and shit so real, it make a man die
    Have you ever seen a man die?
    These chicks don't peep the way I feel, I'm catchin' other vibes
    I'm tryna catch a kill like fuck the other side
    And they don't know that I've been crying inside
    They don't know that I've been crying inside
    I've been crying inside
    I've been crying inside
    They don't know that I've been crying inside
    They don't know that I've been crying inside
    I've been crying inside
    I've been crying inside

    peace superstar, i hope you’re feeling well this evening- getting all you deserve and beyond🏁 i just released a music video- https://youtu.be/USVnZRziEic – if you're feeling positively supportive, may you please stream my visuals directed by me? [ https://youtu.be/USVnZRziEic ] 💎💎💎 LIKE|COMMENT|SUBBBB. stay healthy! 💎💎💎

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