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On today’s episode of #OutofBounds, NBA front office veteran and ESPN analyst Amin Elhassan joins Gilbert Arenas and the crew to make sense of Utah’s surprise 116-108 win in Houston. Gil and Amin break down the defensive accomplishment of the Jazz — yes, even with James Harden posting 32 points, 7 rebounds, 11 assists — and debate whether Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni is a good playoff coach or not.

Looking forward to tonight’s Cavs-Raptors Game 2, the panel predicts whether LeBron and Cleveland can grab another win in Toronto before wondering what’s next for troll Drake after his Game 1 altercations with Kendrick Perkins. Speaking of Perk, Amin gives the man his due for one of the NBA’s all-time best trash-talking quotes. Also, in the Celtics-Sixers series, can Philly’s young stars overcome the moment and Brad Stevens’ masterful coaching of the injury-depleted Celtics?

While Drake is getting all the attention after his tough talk with Perk, he’s not the only celebrity NBA fan who gets on people’s nerves. In “Top 5,” the panel runs down the Top 5 Most Annoying Celebrity NBA Fans, and even throws in a special honorable mention that’s sure to piss a bunch of people off.

In a recent ESPN interview, the Lakers’ Lonzo Ball gave himself a letter grade for his rookie season. Taking it a step further than his on-court performance, OOB grades Zo as a player, brand, and rapper, and measures it all against his immense hype. His report card may shock you.

Finally, with the Knicks reportedly trying to finalize the hiring of a new head coach this week after interviewing many diverse candidates — some extremely head-scratching ones among them — Amin explains how New York’s process is atypical for the league. He and Gil clarify what the woeful Knicks need to overcome a history of incompetence before everyone makes their picks for whom the team should hire.

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49 thoughts on “Jazz Ground Rockets; Grading Lonzo Ball; NBA’s Top 5 Annoying Celebrity Fans | Out of Bounds

  1. why are they talking about lonzos family and off the court from basketball? his grading is supposed to be about his season of basketball. gilbert was the only one with a valid point

  2. Drake will NEVER be anything more than that stupid fucking kid from Degrassi to me. I don't fucking care. His shit is cheesy and corny as fuck anyway. I'm missing nothing by abstaining from Drake's music.

  3. Every Thursday is depressing knowing I gotta go a few days without this show lmao, but this is one of the best sports shows out there for the sheer fact these guys are allowed to be themselves, same reason I love watching Inside the NBA on TNT

  4. Def saw special passes from Lonzo…knock his shooting, but his D, passing, rebounding were good…

    Why aren't we looking at Foxx and Monk who had pretty lame seasons for the talk especially Foxx…he was pretty bad for a long stretch

  5. It doesn’t matter who coaches the Knicks they’ll still be a trash ass organization. All James Dolan cares about is money he doesn’t give a fuck rather the Knicks win or not he’s still gonna sale out Madison Square Garden.

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