1. I had the same issue on my second Jeep. The wipers would come on and all of the lights would flash. The headlights would flash as well so people would think I was flicking them off. I would literally turn on my wiper fluid so it looked like I intentionally had my wipers on 🙄. Headlight was the issue on mine too.

  2. Who cares what we think about your jeep. You all people have to much pride on your personal things you need to show it off on youtube and hear comments so you can be able to breath and live another day. All you need is Jesus Christ.

  3. Do y’all recommend a 2017-2018 Jeep as a daily? I want to lift mines with a small lift but is the ride quality good? And is it very reliable? Sure I will give it good maintenance but I need some answers from real Jeep owners! Anything will help I work hard for my stuff and hope getting a Jeep is a good move I know Gas mileage is bad but I’m pretty sure their is a good side of a Jeep

  4. I wish I had your biceps. I'm not gay I'm just saying. And I wish I had your physique. And I wish I had your jeep. And I wish my youtube channel was as popular as yours. I HATE YOU! YOU BASTARD! I'll bet your girlfriend is hot too 🙁

  5. I hate to ask, but what is the normal everyday fuel mileage with 37'' on a Rubicon? Thinking about buying one but I work a fair distance to my office. Thanks in advance.

  6. I find it strange how everyone thinks they know what a jeep is made for… It is made to be able to do multiple things, but everyone seems to think the car is made for only offroading and rock crawling lmfao. Everyone buys a jeep for their own rsn, and for whatever rsn they bought it for in no way is ur rsn any better… A jeep is not made to be flipped over and scratched, or only go offroad. If it was only for that it wouldn't be street legal… How u want to use ur jeep is up to u, how u wanna customize ur jeep is up to u, if u want someone to use or only customize their jeep as u would bc it's ur tradition u be ready to pay that person as much as they want bc it's not ur car…

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