Jemele Hill Criticizes Jamie Foxx for Storming Out of Interview

Not everyone was amused by Jamie Foxx’s question-dodging behavior during the NBA’s All-Star weekend. Foxx abruptly ended an on-air interview with ESPN when Sportscenter’s Michael Smith asked Foxx an innocuous question about his not-so-secret relationship with actress Katie Holmes. Smith’s former co-host, Jemele Hill, thinks Foxx had no right to shut down the interview.

“I thought he unnecessarily made Mike look bad,” Hill told TMZ. “I thought it was kind of bizarre why he acted that way…like I thought [Jamie’s relationship with Katie] was pretty public and that everybody knew, but apparently everybody doesn’t know.”

Smith asked the actor, who was playing in this year’s Celebrity All-Star Game, if he and Holmes played basketball on Valentine’s Day, as these photos suggest. The question fueled a somewhat dramatic response from Foxx, who awkwardly removed his headset and microphone before abruptly walking away from the interview to continue his warm-ups.

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41 thoughts on “Jemele Hill Criticizes Jamie Foxx for Storming Out of Interview

  1. As long as you are not messing with children. People/adults should mind their own business. We hate when whites mess with us because we are Black,but you trying to dig at Jaime.In a classy way.that smile.He said f. you. Peace Jaime.

  2. She’s all dumb!! Only why she’s saying that is because it was Michael Smith asking the question. He shoulda known better than to ask that question. His relationship was never public. Can’t stand her!

  3. There’s a reason why a lot of people don’t know about jamie foxx and Katie Holmes: guaranteed interviewers are told beforehand that there will be no Katie Holmes related questions, yet this reporter went ahead and asked him anyway. Don’t blame him at all for walking away.

  4. Jamie Foxx had every right to be annoyed. He was being interviewed about a charity celebrity basketball game. What he and Katie Homes have was not the topic and is clearly a personal matter.

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