Jemele Hill Says SportsCenter Job ‘Really Wasn’t My Calling’

While much hand-wringing and plenty of keystrokes have been dedicated to Jemele Hill’s exit from ESPN’s SportsCenter, Hill herself has maintained that the move to ESPN’s The Undefeated property can be attributed to a few simple reasons. Hill has stated she wanted to move back to reporting, and in an exclusive talk with Brian Steinberg of Variety, Hill says being on ESPN’s flagship show just wasn’t for her.

“The function of SportsCenter is not necessarily built for anchor commentary,” Hill said. “So much of my career at ESPN—almost exclusively at some points—has been in commentary. They hired me as a columnist. I’ve been giving my opinion since day one. SportsCenter really wasn’t my calling.”

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35 thoughts on “Jemele Hill Says SportsCenter Job ‘Really Wasn’t My Calling’

  1. I never understood why ESPN wanted to make their flagship show on the prime time hour more than about sports stories. Most sports fans only care about who is playing, who was traded, and how well their rotting interist is playing. It is a simple formula FS1 copied and is doing very well so I moved to that network. Accept for Undisputed cause Shannon Sharpe and Skip have become political.

  2. ESPN is owned n operated by white supremacy advocates. Also where is Jemeele Hills "white ally" coworkers to stick up for her????? Goes to show you how 99.9 % of white people will throw u under the bus when the pressure is on

  3. She is a idiot who over stepped her liberal boundaries by thinking she could smear her political views in our face . If she would have just gave us the news on people who play games and wear costumes she wouldn't be playing the victim role now

  4. I believe there was something more behind Hill's decision to give up a primetime position on a major network to do something that's comparable to self demotion in a company. Either ESPN wanted some changes of her that she disagreed with supplying for the network or she didn't wanna no longer deal with the negativity she's received ever since she's been on "His and Her's" with Michael Smith.

  5. The male ESPN anchors add commentary to every clip & during every segment of sportscenter every time it's on…respect to Jemele for holding back from just saying she's too advanced for the basic-ness of ESPN to keep getting those checks because if nothing else the money is better in her hands than most of the other Disney employees

  6. I was tired of hearing her trying to bring outside issues into sports topics. Your a sports anchor, stick to sports or quit and join some news station. I don’t want to hear her trying to turn a topic into how black people are being discriminated.

  7. i feel her…i dunno if it was just me but like the last 2 yrs or so prior to the new year is kinda just seemed like she felt liek less then a co-host..i mean she was cool being able to work with someone she love and respect im sure…but after a while im pretty sure she was like okay this is cool but is this 4 me???we shud all ask ourselves that eventuallty

  8. ESPN is basically telling her to leave nicely. She can make up all the lies about not wanting to do sportcenter all she wants. Reality is nobody watches or listens to The Undefeated thats like C list programming.

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