Jemele Hill’s Leaving SportsCenter for New Position at ESPN

ESPN’s Jemele Hill is changing lanes. After being caught in the middle of an extremely public controversy last fall, Hill has requested to be reassigned from the SC6 edition of SportsCenter, Sports Illustrated reports. But she looks to at least be staying in the family: Hill’s next home will be with The Undefeated, ESPN’s offshoot site that covers sports, race, and culture.

But back to that controversy. Take a walk down memory lane with me, as we recall the moment that Hill was thrust into the spotlight. Last September, Hill was having a Twitter conversation with some particularly dim-witted characters about the state of our country. During said conversation, Trump came up and Hill pulled out the yopper.

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48 thoughts on “Jemele Hill’s Leaving SportsCenter for New Position at ESPN

  1. Ohhhhh the hate baiter, racist, judgemental #jemelehill is here again. What a way to bring down a career just disrespect a President. Hahaha. By the way why should I respect this woman? She is nothing but POS SOB!!

  2. Thank god. Maybe now msespn will be watchable. The liberal propaganda was destoying and has all but ruined the network. Between Jamelle and idiot liberal max Kellerman it's hard to tell who is worse.

  3. I will send you a "Make America Great Again" hat if you leave a forwarding address with ESPN.
    Just think about how your 401K skyrocketed in the last 12 months as you wear your new hat.

  4. Don't buy the B.S. about her leaving on her own. NO ONE leaves a primetime TELEVISION show,with their name in bright lights to go to some ONLINE nothing gig about race/sports that's going to be phased out once enough time passes to make it look like they didn't fire her outright. NO ONE. Especially some racist,militant ,white people hating bigot like hill. Good Riddance! Now I can watch Michael Smith again.

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