Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Jennifer Lopez breaks down her most iconic roles of all time, including her characters in ‘Selena,’ ‘Maid in Manhattan, ‘Out of Sight,’ ‘Anaconda,’ ‘The Cell,’ ‘The Wedding Planner,’ ‘Shades of Blue,’ ‘In Living Color’ and ‘Second Act’
SECOND ACT is in theaters December 21st!

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Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Characters | GQ


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33 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Characters | GQ

  1. Going through the playlist of these "breaking down.." videos, I watch my favorites..Ed Norton, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Gyllenhaal then I thought "sure, I watch Jennifer's.. I've seen a bunch of her movies". I completely forgot that she IS a great actress, she's so underrated. Yeah, I like her as a musician and a TV personality, but I really want to see her in more films.

  2. Too bad she didn't mention Monster In Law. That movie was really funny. Unless if that movie was like one of the worst movies she ever worked on. But I thought her and Jane Fonda did great in that movie.

  3. Wtf??? They didn’t include Enough, An Unfinished Life, Monster in Law, The Boy Next Door, or Angel Eyes! 😡 I understand Jen has done a lot of films & this video can’t be an hour long but geez! They could’ve at least included a few more especially the ones I just listed. How could they not include An Unfinished Life, with ROBERT REDFORD??? & especially Enough. Enough was one of her best films! She talks about how she loved doing romantic comedies, & they don’t ask her about Monster in Law?! Also starring Jane Fonda! Such a disappointing video smh.

  4. JLO is a Woman of Excellence, 👏🏼hardwork ethic, courage, perseverance, determination, strength. You killed it in Hustlers and your Superbowl Presentation was spectacular. Legend, Iconic, successful and beautiful on so many levels! We love you JLO! YOU DON'T HAVE TO AGREE! 😁🦸🏼‍♀️✌🏼🇵🇷❤🇺🇸🦅🕊#NYC💋

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