Jermaine Dupri Launches So So Def Female Cypher Amid “Strippers Rapping” Controversy

Jermaine Dupri infuriated several female rappers when he equated them to “strippers rapping” during a recent interview with People Magazine — including Cardi B.

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41 thoughts on “Jermaine Dupri Launches So So Def Female Cypher Amid “Strippers Rapping” Controversy

  1. To me, there are no female MC's. Just chicks that rap about stripping and scamming men. I forbid my daughter to hear that bull shit. As far as the men go……. Now, that's totally different but not. They all rap about the same shit money, sex, and drugs. There is no substance whatsoever and on top of that they can't put a decent metaphor together or they got a ghost writer. Talent is talent if you got it but none of these jackoffs really have talent except for a few. Female rap "artists" are extinct and what we have right now isn't good. My daughter will never hear those lyrics in her ears just doing it on her own. My son knows the difference. He listens to everything I listen to and can rapp a lil bit.

  2. Maaane JD spoke facts people…. yes there are females spitting about other stuff…..but do u hear them on mainstream radio an media? U hear card (I ain't gotta dance no more) city girls (twerks-r-us) niki ( what some call ratchet/bougie) etc etc. The ones making "real mc/hiphop music" get a quick 6 months shine an u never hear from them again. They ain't getting no awards for best bars of most thought provoking song… no its about the bag an how u get it… that's what the chicks buy (cause it aint dudes buying an streaming it) ijs

  3. Just because someone doesn't like a current trend in rap, don't mean they're hating… His point is valid. I don't think females have to prove they can rap for him..his cipher is an opertunity for these lyrical women to finally get on & have a mainstream name backing them such as his. The indistry don't like critisim.

  4. My fave rappers are Young M.A and Siya. They don't dress like strippers. The industry pressures females to dress like strippers. Social media makes millions of dollars for females with zero talent such as "influencers" who literally are famous only for looks. Lizzo previous album was superior but now she's almost naked she's blown up. Hate the game not players.

  5. Not a bad idea 💡. However. It would turn in to one big ass cat fight 😂😂😂😂. Broken fingernails and we’ve. Everywhere 😂😂😂😂😂#. If they want to do a rap cipher cipher you have to make them wear boxing gloves😂😂😂😂😂

  6. For me I think the mainstream image that is presented to the public on both male and female ends resemble strippers and common thugs. But since the subject is about female rappers then I get where JD is coming from. You can trace this shit all the way back to Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Trina, Amil, Gangsta Boo, Khia, Jackie-O, on up to Cardi B, City Girls and almost every female rapper in between that time except for Lauren Hill and Missy Elliott. Just looking at female rappers today without listening to or knowing at all what they do you would think they strippers or some type of escort. It's typical female fashion to shift the conversation from themselves to males when the subject didn't start out about us. They're never held accountable for their actions. For every Lil Wayne clone we have a Nas, Common, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T., Outkast, B.o.B. that is getting supported and to be honest Lil Wayne was spitting after awhile. It's was really Young Thug, Migos, Ralo, Moneybag Yo, Blac Yungsta etc. that make me cringe. I get tired of that retard southern drawl accent. Especially if they ain't rapping about shit. Got niggas that was born as far north as Detroit sounding like they from the south.

  7. J.D has Double standards!HARD!!Bcoz all male rappers rap about da same shit aswell!?I c da point he was trying 2 make?He just phrased it BADLY!!He Needs 2 think abit more b4 talking da crazy shit.word up son

  8. People are acting like he said that all female rappers are strippers rapping… He said that it is the females getting the most props, attention and fame, that are. Which if we actually take a look at the biggest female names right now, is true. He wants real female Mc's to get that platform instead. How is it getting twisted like he is against female rappers? Lol

  9. Loads of tweets from a butch of people who ain't done shit in music. But hey!! I guess social media gives a voice to people that don't even deserve a opinion in something they've never even step foot inn. JD 20/30 years deep in the business.

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