Jerry Lorenzo’s Nike Air Fear of God Collaboration, an Exclusive Look

We went to the Nike campus in Beaverton, Oregon for an in-depth look at Jerry Lorenzo’s upcoming Nike Air Fear of God collaboration. Jerry, along with two nike apparel and sneaker designers who’ve worked with the likes of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, take us through the process of the making a new basketball sneaker that could be worn in the NBA, jackets, shorts, and more.

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34 thoughts on “Jerry Lorenzo’s Nike Air Fear of God Collaboration, an Exclusive Look

  1. FOG quality is avg lowkey like the actual fabric isn’t high quality that you get from some luxury designers that charge his prices. F.O.G the new supreme where everything is overhyped and overpriced for little reason I will say FOG pieces better than. Supreme but if you live in Japan you can find higher quality pieces from luxury designers for much better price. I have a pair of Y3 sweats that FOG couldn’t touch if they were standing next to them the fabrics French terry and spandex,zipper placement, inside ankle zippers, fit, etc $365 USD, FOG 5th Collection Sweats $778 USD 😂😂😂

  2. Reminds me of the 1st Yeezys shots fired and look like Curry design shots fired and snuck a cryptic Bible verse in the shoe Nike dismissed Curry for shots fired Great Scott a cheaper version of the Air Mags lol $350 gtfoh

  3. FOG=Fueled Off Greed $400 for some lame ass Hurachce knockoff Marshall's exclusives. Kids watching these fashion designers hype this shit to the max to break parents pockets is more pathetic. Nikes fiscal year goal for 2021 isn't far off I'm sure. They've made these designers promote products netting them free marketing and achieved goal of bamboozling dumb fucks to over pay for Chinese constructed trash due to the branding. 😂🤣
    Email: To marketing director

    Give them away to NBA players to create even more of an appeal. Kids look up to Basketball player's so parents will surely spend. Also get ready to promote these yourself 😂🤣

  4. This shoe suffers from an identity crisis. It’s creators couldn’t make up their mind between designing a casual shoe or a performance basketball shoe. So it ends up being neither and therefore compromised for every occasion.

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