Jesse Williams’ App ‘BLeBRiTY’ Promotes Inclusivity

Actor and activist Jesse Williams stopped by the Complex offices to introduce the staff to his latest app ‘BLeBRiTY.’ As per Williams, the game works to counter the exclusivity of other gaming apps available by including POC and their interests.

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25 thoughts on “Jesse Williams’ App ‘BLeBRiTY’ Promotes Inclusivity

  1. I like Jesse and I'm black and I see in the comment section most y'all a mix between liking someone and not liking someone that's for the culture smh but I just would have stuck with Ellen's heads up because a lot more people know it

  2. Comment if I'm wrong, but Jesse Williams divorced his wife (who he has kids with) and is now dating a white girl (no problem with that, don't get why people are pissed). He's currently going to court with the ex-wife as he wasn't allowed to see his children over Christmas, which he was supposed to be allowed to see them. The rumours were debunked about him cheating on his wife with the current girlfriend, there are no further articles about the rumours being true or more appearing.

  3. I find it funny how white people like this guy are the ones that are trying to stand up for the community…..seems disingenuous honestly. Trying to capitalize on real issues

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