Jim Gaffigan Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter | GQ

On this episode of Actually Me, Jim Gaffigan goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter, Reddit, Quora, YouTube and more. What was he like in high school? How did David Letterman help his career?
Jim Gaffigan stars in American Dreamer, in theaters and On Demand now.

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Jim Gaffigan Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter | GQ


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44 thoughts on “Jim Gaffigan Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter | GQ

  1. I don't think GQ understands what "Undercover" means, all these undercover videos are just celebrities going online and answering questions as themselves.

  2. Seriously the most underrated comedian ever. Such a refreshing sense of humor and excellent delivery. I’m really picky with my humor, but two comedians who actually make me laugh are Jeff Dunham and Jim Gaffigan

  3. I go to his old high school. At least once a month a teacher mentions him. One of my teacher now used to teach him. The way he described the highschool is the exact same now. Everyone does everything

  4. I actually first heard of him on spotify. I was listening to a mixed comedy playlist. He was so funny that I watched and listened to everything he's put out. So he makes a good point about audio streaming platforms.

  5. How does he treat his fans? Well, when I saw him in 2007, he patiently took pictures and signed autographs for every. single. person. who waited around. Personally, he put up with my friend and I acting starstruck and weird, took a "good" picture and a "funny" one of him sneezing on us, and then signed an empty packet of Orbit gum for my friend who was not present. Yes, even I want to drown myself in the nearest river.

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