Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris As His Running Mate

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21 thoughts on “Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris As His Running Mate

  1. Let’s Play A Game…of Facts

    So Kamala Harris broke the State record for incarcerations of black men y’all say? Ok cool, how many? Like the exact number? Cite the statistic and the source. How many were incarcerated during the previous and subsequent administrations? I will wait…and don’t give me articles labeled OPINION or OP-ED those aren’t factual…(look up what the terms mean)….if she locked up THAT many black folks there has to be a record of it somewhere from a STATISTICAL source….

    Let’s talk statistical numbers that are verifiable…the number was roughly 1,500 during her tenure of Attorney General. Attorney Generals don’t prosecute petty non-violent crimes. That’s like the CEO of Walmart pricing candles. She was AG from 2011-2016 and in that span there were 5million arrests. Do the percentage of 1,500 of 5 million. Marijuana prosecutions plummeted during her tenure as AG with about 800 when she started down to about 130 when she left.

    As DA her office won 1,956 misdemeanor and felony convictions. This includes marijuana cultivation and sale, and other serious crimes (so not all these people were convicted of weed anyway)…but the DA before her sent 130 people to jail for marijuana and in the same amount of time in office Kamala only sent 45.

    The head of Narcotics Prosecution under Harris while DA in San Francisco admitted that no one with simple marijuana possession could do any jail time and continually had more serious marijuana charges pleaded down. So again provide me NUMBERS….I will wait….

    Not saying sis was without error, and she def took some stances as AG that made me 🤨, but I also look at her work since being in the Senate to correct some of her previous stances to address the plights of people of color in the criminal justice system….but if you gonna hold her feet to the fire (which u are warranted) for some of her actions as AG, then you damn sure can’t ignore her growth in being a advocate for reform in the present day….

  2. Ruth Ginsburg was asked how she’s going to vote in the presidential election, she replied I’m voting for Donald Trump! My hatred for him is the only thing that keeps me alive and from retiring off the Supreme Court, if he becomes the POS I know I can live for another four years,

  3. "Old white men don't like senator Kamala Harris" no charlamagne it's not just white people I'm hispanic and I hope no Democrat gets into office.

  4. Y’all might not like Trump, but Biden ain’t no better. Plus Trump actually passed the First Step Act for prison reform, unlike these two who enact and enforce laws to lock up black people and for longer sentences.

  5. Its funny because her talking about smoking weed on this show after prosecuring people for it got thrown in her face by tulsi at the debates and she had to drop out afterwards
    These people are clueless

  6. Is this the best Democrats can do😒A weed smoker that didn't inhale😭while listening to Tupac🙄when he wasn't even out yet🤔Her prosecution track record is horrible🤦🏾‍♀️locking up all them black people up really😬"Bill Clinton lil sister" GTFOH!

    Democrats y'all blowing me with this bs🤷🏾‍♀️y'all love junkies & strippers…SMFH

    I'm rooting for Trump…..

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