Joe Biden Wins 2020 Presidential Election: What Comes Next? | Complex News

As Joe Biden scores a victory for his bid as president of the United States, we look at what comes next.

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50 thoughts on “Joe Biden Wins 2020 Presidential Election: What Comes Next? | Complex News

  1. We chose character and morals over fascism and lies!! We chose to love our neighbors and respect each other's differences. We chose love over hate… We chose Biden ♥

  2. You better start praying that Bidden does not revoke Trump's Medicaid coverage for Covid. He attacked Trump from the right about foreign policy. So war in Syria, Iran, and Venezuela. Obama/Bidden took us from 2 wars to 7. Beware of what you get when the orange bad man goes away. Will you stop paying attention to what is done?

  3. I wouldn't celebrate just yet. Media doesn't get to call the winner. It still has to go thru validity thru the courts.

    In the year 2000, the media called Gore the winner over Bush for 37 days… after a recount Bush ended up winning the presidency.

    Don't get to excited yet. This still has to go thru the system properly. This will break the media if this fails.

  4. Fing lier. You are brainwashed by the lying, cheating dems. Biden is comprised and owned by the Chinese. GOD BLESS AMERICA because we will need it to get through these next 4 years of Hell.

  5. Democrats are rooted in victim hood and false heroism, the Democrats are so weak they have become predatory if they can’t command anyone’s respect they will force it on people, that woman’s comparison proves it she in her mind believes she’s a hero but she’s a fool just like a lot of people on the left you think you are being so virtuous that you are able to infringe on peoples individual rights god save American god save freedom of speech and god save the right to bear arms I don’t understand why Democrats want government to have a nuke but a regular person can’t have a assault rifle, there are so many things wrong with how a leftist person thinks or should I say radical leftist so weak minded they have to control everything

  6. Nothing happens. Business as usual.

    The US government will continue to drone strike other countries, support military coups, fund terrorist organizations, while abusing its citizens, and we’ll complain just like we did with Trump, then another election cycle will come around and it’ll be Biden vs. another evil politician in a “pick your poison” election, rinse and repeat. . .

  7. Complex….. You're a disgrace! So you didn't see the Rudy Gulliani interview? Everyday Americans including a brother saying there's hard evidence of voter fraud with dead people voting too. Doesn't matter who you support, a fair vote needs to happen and clearly didn't, and you fools out here saying trump is a cry baby and not reporting the actual issue exposes you. You gonna talk about hunter bidens laptop now or nah. Fuckin frauds taking black people on a wild goose chase for factual information.

  8. I’m a republican, and I will only accept Biden once they count the votes 🗳 fairly in Wisconsin that ballot drop was against the law. I’m also waiting until after this laptop investigations ppl are going to jail. So trump got until the 21st of Jan. No telling how long the Supreme Court will take ? But I believe in our laws no matter the policies. I voted trump but growing up in a Democrat world it really doesn’t matter 🤷🏾‍♂️ so working during trump policies or 3rd world country with Biden policies I’m going to be good. I just want justice’s for Americans 🇺🇸 I was born here my ancestors was slaves ✊🏾💯 I live by our laws that free’ed us. With that said, I will die on my feet, before living on my knees 💯🙌🏾🇺🇸✊🏾 Supreme Court better get this right or it’s a civil war 👀😄 time to see if we still live by the constitution or is our country that far gone ain’t no coming back to freedom. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. Lies! Complex "news" is traitorous to your country America. The media doesn't decide who wins or not, the states and the law does! So let's wait and see, traitors. And if you are one of the idiots not supporting a fair election no matter who's team your on? Then you are just as much of a traitor as well! What a shame! It really shows the true colors in people man! Smfh…..

  10. We’re sitting here acting like there aren’t economic answers the government, heavily with Biden now most likely, can enact. UBI and stimulus checks beyond a 1 time 1000+ dollar payment are absolutely necessary. Millions are losing their jobs and many are becoming homeless. People at large don’t seem to understand how badly their entire USA government just fucked them. People are going homeless and 5 trillion dollars was given out to corporations who turned around and fired their workers anyway. Other first world countries didn’t do this. — And healthcare… Both the Republicans AND Democrats don’t support Medicare for All even though it polls at somewhere 70% nationally… That’s insane. You’re all being gaslit to think it’s a party problem and not a fundamental systemic problem in our politics and government functions. Also endless billions MORE for war each year but never more for healthcare. We socialize war, but not benefits for our own people. We fundamentally need a new third party to address the faults, specifically of the Democratic Party, moving forward. They need to address these “populist” issues. These “democratic” ideas, if you will.

  11. Trump supporters going nuts that he hasn't lost. Just admit defeat, and you'll see with biden, everything will be better. With the Trump administration, everyone was divided, just admit it jeez, it ain't that hard.

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