Joe Budden Fires Rory On Air, J. Cole Graces Cover Of SLAM Magazine

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38 thoughts on “Joe Budden Fires Rory On Air, J. Cole Graces Cover Of SLAM Magazine

  1. Joe did all that talking about Charla and the deal with iHeartRadio yet he's up there firing his friends on air 🤦🏾‍♂️. Looks to me like Charla is getting the last laugh. Rory and Mal will be on the Black Effect soon lol. And I love the troll job he just did without even talking about Joe, Petty Perfect!

  2. Charla made his point when he chose that moment to call out his friends and coworkers saying that he loves and appreciates them. So basically they siding with Rory

  3. The fact that we as black woman must stop putting ourselves in situations to where we know that we are being looked at a certain way. So for instance she can't play defense she can't play Joe for his reaction to what he assumed to be friendly joking in conversation. You can't call yourself a b** let your friends call you a b** and then Joe can't call you a b** why because he's a man that makes no sense. You can't play the sinner's game if you want to be a saint. You was on there for a certain reason and reason and you chasing that bag and you trying to get your start to fame or finish your thing or however you want to look at it but you can't blame Joe for the way he spoke because that's what happens when you on the podcast then it's no limit. And if you a black queen you would never allow somebody to call you a b***. I'm 37 years old Don't drink don't smoke never did group around a lot of drugs alcoholics nothing I'm perfect but my friends was never calling me a b*** that's not what my mother named me that's not what I need myself and that's not my identity. That's like when black people get mad when why people call them n*** yeah call yourself n*** all day what's wrong with the white person calling you a n** I'm lost if you don't want to feel offended don't call yourself the same thing and that's what I got to tell this young lady if you don't want to feel disrespected don't put yourself in certain situations

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