Joel Embiid Swagger Back, 76ers Avoid Elimination; LeBron James Sweeps Raptors | Out of Bounds

On today’s episode of #OutofBounds, Gilbert Arenas, Pierce Simpson, and Adam Caparell discuss the 76ers avoiding elimination against the Celtics, with T.J. McConnell having a career night and Joel Embiid getting his trash-talking swagger back. Was the Game 4 win a turning point for the Sixers?

Also, the LeBron James-led Cavs completed a series sweep of the Raptors with a blowout. Did Toronto stars DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry give up? And do either the Celtics or Sixers stand a chance against Cleveland in the Eastern Conference Finals?

Looking forward to tonight’s games, will the Rockets close out the Jazz in Houston? And was Game 4 proof that — unlike in past years — the Rockets can win when James Harden has a subpar performance now that he has CP to help carry the scoring load and Clint Capela holding things down on D?

Next, will the Warriors close out their series with the Pelicans? What can New Orleans do to win and force a Game 6 back in Louisiana? Plus, with a Rockets-Warriors Western Conference Finals seeming inevitable, Gil questions whether coach Mike D’Antoni can make playoff adjustments to hang with Golden State.

In “Fair or Foul?” the team weighs in on the Pistons firing head coach and president of basketball operations Stan Van Gundy. Gil breaks down what his old coach is like and why there’s a limit to how long he can work with a team. Also, the crew debates whether the timing of the firing is foul, and if it was wrong to saddle the next coach and executive with the roster and contracts that SVG was responsible for. Plus, will the Pistons be improved and make the playoffs in the next couple years?

After Kylia Carter, mother of former Duke basketball star Wendell Carter, compared the current system of NCAA basketball to slavery, Gil and the guys respond to the analogy, as well as the idea of free labor and education in college sports.

Finally, the team reacts to Icelandic powerlifter and “Game of Thrones” actor Hafthor Björnsson, who plays “The Mountain” on the hit HBO series, winning the World’s Strongest Man competition. Hibachi turns the heat way up on powerlifting as a sport before sharing what he would do if he were as big and strong as the athletes who compete by pulling trucks and lifting boulders.

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33 thoughts on “Joel Embiid Swagger Back, 76ers Avoid Elimination; LeBron James Sweeps Raptors | Out of Bounds

  1. Gilbert doesn't care about the college athletes complaints bc he got paid under the table lol…. College athletics is exploitation. The athletes make the universities millions of dollars. Athletes should at least be able to get paid off of their own names.

  2. with gilbert 100% bout the college ish lol if they pay u u have to not only pay ur own tuition and schooling that equals usually about 50k a yr n up then u have to now pay taxes on that money because it would then be a job

  3. Ahh & eww's…true blue waiving the 2-2's. Shaving the su-wu's. Blood gang, hug dames…only call me by my thug name. Only ball when I see ballers ball. At that point, I'm on point, no joke, but smoke joints. No coke but broke bones. No loc, not crazy, just smoked so I & my eyes be hella hazy.

  4. Gil broke down perfectly why D'Antoni teams underachieve in the playoffs. I've heard pundits and analysts say that D'Antoni doesn't pay attention to detail and make adjustments and do other "little things" in the playoffs and that's why they lose in the playoffs, but I've never heard it broken down like Gil broke it down here. Gave multiple examples, went from one point to another and eventually realized that he was describing exactly what ppl have said about D'Antoni teams in the playoffs.

  5. Someone please educate Gil before he comes on here and make blanket statements.. He looks dumb when he speaks on issues he's not educated about. Wendell Carter was recruited by HARVARD, so what do you think his GPA was? SAT scores Etc. You sound like an idiot bro.

  6. Gil is totally off on this one. Student athletes get screwed over all the time. The cost of college is totally arbitrary. The school determines the value of the education and the scholarships that they give out. It costs them nothing to give out scholarships but they earn millions off the backs of the athletes. The NCAA is a nonprofit organization that makes billions but penalizes athletes for trying to profit off of their abilities

  7. I agree the NCAA is a racket by not allowing kids make money off their likeness but it technically is the NBA and NFL's faults the draft eligible rules restrictions exist.

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