Joey Badass Explains Reason Behind Capital Steez’s Album Delay

It’s been over five years since the tragic death of Pro Era rapper Capital Steez, but Joey Badass has been determined to make sure his posthumous album eventually sees the light of day. Fans have been waiting for the posthumous album for quite a while, with the record originally scheduled to drop December last year. During a Q&A on his Instagram story, Joey has finally explained the project’s delay.

When asked by a fan when to expect the album, now called King Capital, Joey responded, “Been wanting to answer this for a minute. You guys need to understand I am not the one who is holding back the release of King Capital and I never have been.” He went on to explain that Steez’s mother has been holding back the release of the project, and that she’s the only one who knows the current status regarding its release.

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41 thoughts on “Joey Badass Explains Reason Behind Capital Steez’s Album Delay

  1. Since this day, Joey fell off again. Dropped an album tryna sound like Capital (Still) and never released STEEZ's album….. False-ad all day. Fun fact, he mentioned people within Pro Era circle, and called them something like "Dumb or clowns" for leaking A STEEZ verse. The only two that have done that was Dyme-A-Duzin and some other random. Dyme already had that STEEZ verse from his own song with STEEZ years prior. So, basically Joey was gonna take every vocal or track STEEZ had ever made to make beats over and sell and make profit to make it seem like he did the work and STEEZ didnt write the dope. Then, got mad at the people who exposed that fact because he wanted you to think the song was fresh and never before heard. Greedy ass boy. It's really looking like Joey doesn't give A shit about STEEZ's vision. F*cking Eminem dropped an album before this guy did and we all know how inconsistent Em albums are.

  2. In an interview before his death STEEZ said he had a project already finished. Could've been this one, but STEEZ was on another level from the rest of Pro era not only in rapping, but in what he spoke about. Yeah, most of the beast coast artists push for understanding of self and the 3rd eye but STEEZ was really pushing for global awakening and believed in higher consciousness, this album would've caused controversy that's why Joey or whoever is holding it back. Just a thought

  3. His family should just release it out of respect .. they should stop chasing money because let’s be honest he’s not going platinum any time soon .. this album is for the real hiphop lovers and for the people who need to hear what steez could have been

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