Joey Badass Jumps In King of NYC Talk, Jay & Bey Tour, Chance Album Expectations | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Wayno, Star, and Nadeska jump back into the King of NYC talk, debating about whether or not Joey Badass or ASAP Rocky deserve a mention. Later, they speculate about the Jay Z and Beyonce rumored tour, Chance’s next album, and much more.

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42 thoughts on “Joey Badass Jumps In King of NYC Talk, Jay & Bey Tour, Chance Album Expectations | Everyday Struggle

  1. im late asf but when was the last time any city had a drake? drake on a whole other level than any rapper out rn as much as i hate to say it lmao you can't go comparing them to drake

  2. No matter how harsh star "Tried" to come. Ak won!
    It wasnt a good seguay. He rebuttled it perfectly saying he does have respect and he built his own lane. Then whe star tried to say he can have the last word, Ak came with the perfect comeback: "That is the Last Word"…

  3. Theres no more big 3. Its only Drake and then Kendrick is a close second. J.Cole fell off to the big sean, Meek mill tier.

    Drake is in his own bracket and Kendrick is a VERY VERY close second. This is coming from a hip hop head outside of America. Drake is the only house hold name on this side of the world. People on this side do know kendrick but only inside hip hop cirlces.

    If you go up to a 50 year old lady in the streedt and ask her if she knows drake 90% of the time she will. She probably hasnt heard of Kendrick and she damn sure wont know J.cole.

    That is how you determine whos who in the grand scheme of things.. How much impact do they have INSIDE hip hop and probably more importantly OUTSIDE hip hop.

  4. the people that are hustling suicide are the ones singing about it NOW and ONLY now that it's profitable. xxx has been doing it since way way before he was making any money off it. he did it as a passion just to save people

  5. Joey and Rocky only two in terms of king of new york talk. I don't know what the hell wayno is talking about when he says he doesnt think of new york when rocky's name comes up. Whack shit. When I think either Joey or Rocky, I think of new york hip hop.

  6. Since when did hip hop become about sales and whos most famous? If you say that joey doesnt bring a new york vibe or you dont think of new york when you hear joey, your'e not familiar with joey.

  7. I agree with mayno there is no king of New York. When you mention. Rappers in the game from NY i do no associate them with the City. You mention fat joe i think of5 the Bronx. 50 queens. Skyzoo Brooklyn and the list goes on. I totally forgot French was from Ny. Wayno said the Bronx and the coke boys came to mind. I remembered he is from the NYC

  8. When we talk about kings in the game past or present. In my opinion from NY biggie nas jay 50. Drake is on their caliber. Not in terms of lyrically exclusively it's about influence reach numbers skill and impact. Away from past or present it's drake t.i. Kanye West Eminem Ice Cube Dr. Dre Kendrick. We are talking about hip hop empires dynasties. These brands went global. And repped their cities. It was apsrt of their brand and appeal. They are kings

  9. Star is a strategist and an expert. Academics, you cannot ever pull rank against him or you will be constantly embarrassed and saved by Nagasaki over there…not a good look son. Star is above your pay grade and when it comes to the dozens, you cannot compete. Stay humble little bro.

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