JoJo Talks Comeback, Her Biden Campaign Song “The Change,” Celibacy, & Much More | Complex News

The industry veteran is ready for her second act. She sat down with our very own Natasha Martinez to talk all the things that have been keeping her busy since winning her first Grammy earlier this year. She speaks on her journey, how celibacy has helped her focus, and her single being picked for the Biden/Harris campaign, plus much much more.

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41 thoughts on “JoJo Talks Comeback, Her Biden Campaign Song “The Change,” Celibacy, & Much More | Complex News

  1. O my god!! You are amazinggggg!!
    Really talented with strong voice!!
    How i wish you had a successful career like others. You are so underrated !!
    At 15, you were too mature by your intellect.
    And now you are beyond wise.. We love you Jojo!!
    Please come and visit India and meet me 😭😭

  2. Some of my favourite work from jojo came from her 10 years with label issues. Its a shame some of those songs didn't see the light of day. But she doesn't own the rights to them
    And I don't think she can cover them because of copyright laws

  3. People have no respect for JoJo & honestly its sad..
    Recap: In 2004 this barely a teen at the time, burst onto the music scene with her big and soulful voice that ranked high amongst some of the best in the game. Little that we knew, JoJo was just this 13 year old "white" teenager from Boston with a passion for r&b & soulful music and a voice to back it up. She is to date the youngest solo female to ever have a single debut at # 1 on the billboard charts with her catchy and poppy but soulful track "leave (get out)". Her selftitled album was a huge success. & just when you thought she cudnt get better, she shocked the world with her 2nd album "the high road" in 2006 which spawned another hit many of yu know but may have forgotten, "too little, too late".
    After her 2nd album was released, her record label "blackground records" lost the distribution deal and couldnt release future projects. On top of that, after having being stuck in limbo a few years after the high road, JoJo has prepared a 3rd studio album but the label didnt want to release it until JoJo made some physical changes to herself…trying to mold her into something they wanted but wasnt who she was…So JoJo filed a suit to get out of the contract..after a another lengthy few years passed, JoJo finally won her case and was released from her contract in 2013.
    In 2014, she signed with Atlantic Records and gave us "III" in 2015, an intro ep to her album that followed next, "Mad Love". Finally in 2016, Mad Love, her third studio album in almost 10years was released..& once again, the album was another success. After such a lengthy time away from the public eyes, she proved that this is what she wants for the rest of her life…to be making music and putting out constantly.
    After the release of Mad Love, JoJo left Atlantic Record to start her own label "Clover Music" in junction with Warner Records as distibution. Last year, PJ Morton released their duet track "Say So" from his latest album…They won the "Best R&B Song of The Year" award at the grammys this past Feburary. Also in 2019, JoJo released two stand alone singles and mv for each one as an intro to her 4th album. "Joanna" & "Sabotage" are the title tracks and both really show JoJo's growth as an artist, vocally and creative wise.
    Four years after Mad Love, here we have the critically acclaimed "Good To Know", her 4th studio album released just back in May of this year…Not only did she release good to know, she gave us 3 versions…the standard 9 track version, the acoustic version of all 9 tracks & a deluxe version featuring new songs..feat. Demi Lovato & Tinashe. Good To Know spawned the singles "Man", "Small Things", "Lonely Hearts", "Comeback" feat Tory Lanez, "Think About You" and "What U Need".
    Back in October, JoJo released her 1st Christmas album ever & 5th studio album, "December Baby". Earlier this month she released the Biden/Harris anthem, "The Change" written by iconic song writer Diane Warren.
    This young lady is just 29 years old and has been in the music industry for 17years. She may have been missing from the public eyes for a lengthy time, but JoJo never left the music industry. & during this time, although she couldnt release music commercially, she still blessed her fans with 2 mixtapes & 2eps all available to download for free. She NEVER stopped making music.
    But what really makes JoJo special is the fact that through her hard years, she stayed resilient and got to the other side of the fence without having to change who she is and remained humble & appreciative. She a real one. The O.G.
    Put some RESPECT on her name.💯💯

  4. all of you jealous, ugly millennials keep saying “wHoS jOjO” you obviously have no idea what real music is. this girl can sing in circles around your faves. she even got a stamp of approval from both Whitney Houston AND Mariah Carey. so stay mad…

  5. Seriously, celebs now not only endorse polititians, threatening to leave USA, now make songs for one.
    I lose all respect when this happens. Exception Kanye JESUS
    JoJo stay an old hit.

  6. Oh look … another hot narcissist pop-star who can latch onto platitudes and pretend to give a shit about normal people.

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