32 thoughts on “Jokes…mostly racist ones! Part 2!

  1. boy i tell u what all us folk down here in arkansas sure is toopid, hell yea we fuck our sisters and cousins and what not, hell we still ride horses and mules everywhere we go cuz we're so poor and stoooopid, every so often the whole town gathers at the courthouse to watch the picture box bc its the only one we got, i sure wish we had good brains like the rest of the world maybe someday we'll get some of that internet down here too, educate youself dickhole theres fucked up ppl up north too

  2. Seriously, get a education…do your research and stop being a ignorant asswhip…its b/c of people like you that Americans appear retarded and uneducated and why Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East have surpassed as far as intelligence.

  3. @barflewk wow, you poor thing….you only got a 9th education don't you? First of I am not Mexican, I am Puerto Rican. Second, blacks can be found in a lot of different places (Caribbean, South America, India, Asia, Australia…etc) The native ppl group of Australia are called Aborigenis and they are what you would call "black". Besides, what the hell do you call the native "white" Africans that live in Africa…and the Arabs and the 5 million other ppl groups that live there?

  4. like the video said its just fucking jokes and racism is so fucking old, and the person that posted this vid obviously see that its old also thats why he is joking about it, this is 2011, we are a human race nonetheless no matter what color we are, we all come from God…

  5. I'm glad this video is still around making fun of MJ.

    Yeah, he was the most hated pedophile weirdo ever… Until he died, all the sudden he's awesome. Give me a break. People are stupid.

  6. that shit wus funny! except the MJ ones..i mean after his death and the little boy confessing da truth and all…but other then that i found i funny as hell thumbs up! screw all u other haters!

  7. i got another 1….
    You guys know that there was a badass earthquake in Haiti, And Thousand of black people died and it happened before National Black day.
    "God is this a sign"

    I figure this is 2 racist…

  8. So theres this French guy , mexican, and a american, there all on a boat and the french guys walks up to the edge fo the boat and throws off french fries then said "we have too many of these in our country", then the mexican guy walks 2 the edge of the boat and throws tacos off the boat and then said "We have to many of these in our country", then finally the American guy walks to the edge of the boat and throws a mexican off the boat then says "We have to many of these in our country"

  9. here's a joke a black guy walking down with a
    a parrot on his shoulder and a walk guy see's them and he says"he's so cute where you get him" the parrot says"he's my pet i saw him lying down on the street with a 40

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