Jordan Peele Is Considering A Sequel To ‘Get Out’

Brace yourselves for this bit of news: there might be a sequel to Get Out. During The Hollywood Reporters’ sixth annual Nominees Night on Monday, Jordan Peele said he’s thinking about a sequel. “I can tell you I will definitely, seriously consider it. I love that universe and I feel like there is more story to tell. I don’t know what it is now, but there are some loose ends,” he said.

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42 thoughts on “Jordan Peele Is Considering A Sequel To ‘Get Out’

  1. I would love to see Chris meeting a woman and he suddenly has flashbacks and ptsd of his last girlfriend, but due to it being a horror movie. He decides to get with her. And this family doesn't have a brain swiping thing, but a history of slave owning and killing black men. Thinking Chris will knock up the girl and add a bi racial child to their family to use small methods at sticking a used needle in his briefcase and blame on somebody else. To sending a biker gang to attack him while he goes out to the convenience store for milk or something, he has a standoff with the bikers in a alley and find out what's going on. He confronts them and attacks a family member with a gun. A stand off leaves Chris killing everyone inside and works his way to his car being attacked by groundskeepers on his way over. And you know he gets to his car attacked, he survives and so on so fourth. But this time he gets the woman and the last scene shows two people, a white woman being taken to a black male's house to know his parents…i think that would be awesome

  2. They could just steal a few brains and hearts and bring that sick family back to life.. the only ones dead were the dad, grandpa and the mom. Grandma could have survived the crash, the girlfriend could survive with an ambulance coming on the scene or a nearby black neighbor who she winds up dating and stealing their body parts. The brother can't be confirmed dead from the beating and gettin kicked tf out of.

  3. Jordan Peele should leave getout as a standalone movie with no sequels. Dont poke and prod this concept like that Jordan. If you really must, then make a universe out of it with a different name but not getout 2. Making getout 2 will not work because: if you explore a unique concept in 2, pple will say you deviated; second, if you do not explore a unique concept in 2, pple will say 'we seen this before'. Just make another movie unrelated to this one. However, if the studio offers you enough money then… Just put a disclaimer in the sequel saying, "money made me do it".

  4. NOOOOOOO! Don’t do it Get Out was perfect, don’t expand just let it be. Do more, have a spiritual sequel, something with similar themes, but don’t fall into the sequel shit hole! In fact don’t even do something similar right now you’re extremely creative explore those ideas and don’t tank your career by running your first success (in this field) into the ground.

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