José Altuve Trump Death Stare; Ray Allen on Boston Beefs; Contract Clapbacks! | Out of Bounds

The Hibachi is turned all the way up, so be careful not to burn yourself on his hot takes! Today on #OutofBounds, Gilbert Arenas and the guys react to the Houston Astros’ White House visit, and specifically Jose Altuve’s awesomely awkward meeting with President Trump. Will the AL MVP’s headline-making, passive-aggressive shade thrown at the Donald start a trend of disapproving champions accepting invites so they can stare daggers at him? Plus, Gil has a suspect theory on what’s behind Altuve’s range of uncomfortable facial expressions. (Feel free to take your complaints up with him directly.) Next, the team discusses the NCAA excluding ref Ted Valentine from the tournament as punishment for turning his back on UNC’s Joel Berry II earlier this season. Surprisingly, “TV Ted” has a defender on set, and the debate gets cooking. Then, with excerpts of Ray Allen’s forthcoming book shedding light on Celtics beefs, OOB takes a look at what the future Hall of Famer has to say about Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo. What follows may be Gil’s most ludicrous argument ever, but you decide if both he and Rondo are out their damn minds. Finally, after both Evan Turner and Richard Sherman responded to criticism of their contracts, the gang gets into pocket-watching in “Fair or Foul?” And, for all you sneaker heads, Gil breaks down sports contracts and ownership in terms of Yeezys, so you don’t get these money moves twisted.

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40 thoughts on “José Altuve Trump Death Stare; Ray Allen on Boston Beefs; Contract Clapbacks! | Out of Bounds

  1. Always sided with Ray Allen…Celtics did him wrong and he reacted…now these guys try to paint him as some bad locker room guy…Pierce is a jerk, Rondo jerk, KG a jerk…Ray has a noticeably different personality type…he was their main weapon often…Ray's shooting was a difference maker so often his FT shooting to close games, so for Celtics to shop Allen and it go public, then he know they weren't trying to pay him…he went to the rival as an F you as he wanted to compete for a Chip…and he helped the Heat win.

    This story needs to die.

  2. At this point Gil is just reachin. Its annoying he just decides imma be Skip Bayless and have a different opinion than the rest of yall. Rondo carried the Celtics because he played good ? Lmao I guess Chalmers carried the Miami Heat.

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