Joyner Lucas Trolls Logic Over His Rumored Divorce

Joyner Lucas and Logic’s back and forth just got a bit more personal.

Recently, rumors surfaced that Logic (real name Sir Robert Bryson Hall II) and singer Jessica Andrea are ending their marriage of two years. Neither of them has confirmed or denied the rumor, but their persistent silence on the issue hasn’t done much to quell the public’s suspicions.

Lucas decided to throw salt in the proverbial wound of his rival by commenting on the rumored divorce and reportedly following her. Shortly thereafter, Andrea deleted her Instagram page entirely.

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38 thoughts on “Joyner Lucas Trolls Logic Over His Rumored Divorce

  1. I'd hate to pick sides between Logic and Joyner, but I totally agree with Joyner that Logic half assed his part in Sriracha. With someone as powerful as Tech N9ne, you have to give it everything, or what's the point of him feat. you?

  2. If this is true. Well Joyner just mad cuz he fucked up showing his track to someone else's manager. Then something that happened on Siracha, leave that worry to tech n9ne there's no reason to be extra and shit about it smh. Seems like he just stay having logic name in his mouth.

  3. When Tupac boasted about sleeping with biggies wife in hot em up he got praise… em disses pop stars and president he got praise… logic calls out Kanye for hanging with trump he gets praise… joyner asks if logic and his wife stopped dating, instantly the worst human alive or to ever live how that make any sense at all it’s rap beef if y’all cant Handel it then stop looking into rap beef.

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