Juelz Santana Indicted on Federal Gun Charges, Faces 20 Years in Prison

Juelz Santana has been indicted on federal weapons charges after he was found with a loaded firearm at Newark Liberty International Airport earlier this year, NJ.com reports.

In March, the rapper attempted to board a flight to San Francisco with a pistol and live rounds in his carry-on luggage. Once he realized authorities were about to discover the gun, he took off running and hopped in a taxi to get away from the scene. A boarding pass inside the bag identified him, and he would eventually turn himself in a few days later. To make matters worse, eight oxycodone pills were also found in his luggage, and he was officially charged with both weapon and drug possession. Talk about not packing light.

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21 thoughts on “Juelz Santana Indicted on Federal Gun Charges, Faces 20 Years in Prison

  1. Question to you all? If they find a gun let in youre car but its broken(rusty nothing mechanically moves) can you still catch a case or charges? Gun not stolen

  2. All I hear with these rappers all the time is that they face 10-20 years in prison all the time and they always end up doing 1 year or come out with probation.

  3. There must be a legit reason for him bringing a toast to the airport…at least id like to hear his defense …C'mon maaaaaannnnnnn…you too much of an OG to slip up like this …and all this after Mendeecees took that shit like a champ bro…C'mon

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