Juicy J “Breathe” feat. GOD (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

The official WorldStarHipHop premiere of Juicy J’s “Breathe” music video featuring GOD.

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48 thoughts on “Juicy J “Breathe” feat. GOD (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

  1. GOOODD DAMMNNN J!!! What a way to start the song!! STRAIGHT FIRE

    They gunning niggas down on the street
    People scared to call the police so they copping up some heat
    We ain't scared of going to jail, we ain't hiding from police
    They don't give a fuck about us, dropping bodies on TV

  2. I like that he said fuck the hate and used the nick name god it makes the stigma of old psycosis enduced paranoia fear of "GOD" misinterpreted proverbs and events non-sense. If u truly understand what it means… lol GOD is a misunderstood entity and the chief hefe aka HIGHEST AUTHORITY Mr. I AM is the one who I humble 2. but the main function of religion that I find important is to be HUMBLED and treat all beings with utmost respect. lol when u do almighty's work no one will be able to stand against you the atoms, and sub atomic particles our smallest observers will allign with whatever your subconscious basic belief structure you desire. I know he got my back im bout rdy to call on him to let me enforce the highest authority as his servant or judge. GL IF U R STUBBORN CLOS3D MINDED AND UNWILLING TO COMPROMISE YOU WILL GET LEFT BEHIND AND FORGOTTEN… WE ARE WASTING SO MUCH TIME… LOL EVOLUTION HAS OCCURED I AM NOT A "MAN" JUST CALLED "SON OF MAN" THE DECENDANTS OF THE SONS OF GOD. LOT OF VESTIGAL VIEWS, TRADITIONS, ARE WAY OVERDUE FOR A EVOLV/UPGRADE GET READY TO LEAVE THIS INEFFECIENT WAY OF LIFE WHERE IT BELONGS, OUT OF MY OBSERVABLE INFINITE ENERGY WAVE ITTERATION ILL TRY NOT TO BE TO LOGICAL AND MAKE SURE I REMAIN IN LINE WITH OUR FUTURE SONS BEST INTERESTS. GOD BLESS ALL DRUGS ARE NOT A SIN, AND TO BE RIGHTOUS JUST PRAY IN PRIVATE TO THE HIGHST POWER AND BE HUMBLE… YOU THEN WILL ALSO RECIEVE HIS AUTHORITY HE NEEDS WILLING WORKERS NOT FOR CHURCH OR WHAT U THINK BUT TO GET SHIT DONE. WE SHOULD BE LIVING SO MUCH BETTER IN THIS MEANINGLESS EXISTENCE THIS IS A LAUGHINGSTOCK OF WHAT HUMANS CAN ACTUALLY DO LOL….

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