Juicy J Crowns the Best Rapper in the East Coast | Complex Brackets

And it wasn’t Jay-Z. In this episode, the legendary member of the Three 6 Mafia Juicy J goes through the game confronted with tough choices as he decides between many of his own influences and peers in our East Coast bracket. Even though Juicy came up in the South, he grew up listening to a lot of East Coast rap, and you will be surprised who he thinks is the rapper wearing the crown right now.

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23 thoughts on “Juicy J Crowns the Best Rapper in the East Coast | Complex Brackets

  1. Stopped watching when he chose Benny over Hov! Bruh I love Benny music and album, but your criteria was longevity, style, impact, flow…Jay-z is all that and then some ….Benny just started bubbling.

  2. Aye Yo Complex…

    The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff were the FIRST RAP ARTISTS to WIN a Grammy!

    Kool Moe is tha First Rapper to PERFORM at the Grammy'z!

    For fuck sake, whoever wrote this fallacy about KMD and threw salt on Jazz and The Prince, I'll take yo job yo! Lol.

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