Kansas State Calls Out Salty Kentucky Players for Not Shaking Hands

Heading into their Sweet 16 matchup with Kansas State on Thursday night, the general consensus was that Kentucky was going to be able to work their way to the Final Four this weekend without much resistance. The Wildcats would be able to get by K-State and then beat the winner of the Nevada/Loyola-Chicago matchup to make it to the NCAA Tournament semifinals next weekend. But unfortunately for Big Blue Nation, that isn’t how things ultimately worked out for John Calipari & Co.

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26 thoughts on “Kansas State Calls Out Salty Kentucky Players for Not Shaking Hands

  1. There is a picture of the hand shake line. ALL Kentucky players and coaches were in the line shaking hands. If you don’t come to the line don’t cry about it afterwards. They don’t have to wait all day for you to line up.

  2. K-state sound like a bunch of fucking crybabies. What, are they supposed to wait around for minutes looking like a buncha rejects to get the privilege to shake their hands??? Nah, miss me with that shit.

  3. Fuck Complex wack ass mfs who getting more and more corny by the day…..used to fw this shitty brand but since Joe left idk what in the fuck they got weird ass Frazier like nigga what…bro idek anymore all ik is fuck Complex

  4. Kentucky players shook the staff of K state's hand they were busying celebrating, if the k state staff lined up for hand shakes then so should the players. It's their own fault

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