Kanye Confirms He Was Diagnosed With ‘Mental Condition’ at Age 39

Kanye West’s newly released album Ye touches on a wide range of topics; however, some of the most memorable lines appeared on the project’s second track, “Yikes,” in which Kanye seemingly confirmed his diagnosis of bipolar disorder:

That’s my third person
That’s my bipolar shit, nigga what?
That’s my superpower, nigga ain’t no disability
I’m a superhero! I’m a superhero!

The outro left some fans scratching their heads. Was this an admission? Or was Kanye simply playing off the widespread speculations surrounding his mental health? Well, on the night of the album’s listening session in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Chicago-bred artist revealed he was, in fact, diagnosed with “a mental condition” at the age of 39.

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33 thoughts on “Kanye Confirms He Was Diagnosed With ‘Mental Condition’ at Age 39

  1. (Bc I've been reading comments and seeing support for the album) So you're meaning to tell me we're just supposed to let what he said go bc he has a mental disorder? Nah fuck that unless he has Turrets Syndrome he should be held accountable.
    C'mon y'all he disrespected our ancestors. You're telling me you're just gonna let him basically say "Fuck your ancestors and their bullshit ass struggle" because he's Kanye?

  2. you mean he got brain washed and came out off it.. and woke up and everyone thinks he has a mental problem i truly think hes full of shit a fake profit and is part of the governments agenda to crate a fake gods/ idols i wish people would wake up and see what i see…. read the bible people and that this is all part of the devils plan its sucks to say hes winning but we will see soon……

  3. Oh, so that's why this white washed sellout is a Trump supporter!! I knew it had to me a mental illness, nobody can be that fuckin pathetic and stupid!! Now what does Kim have?…another stupid Trump fuck head!!

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