Kanye Says Black Fans Won’t Leave Him, ‘This Is America’ Controversy | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, Wayno, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska broke down the biggest hip-hop news of the day, including Childish Gambino being accused of stealing ‘This Is America’ and his manager responding via Twitter. Next, the crew examined Kanye West’s new NYT interview where he said that his black fans will never leave him. Following that, Ak and Wayno got into some music topics, including Lil Pump’s XXL Freestyle, Uzi’s new dance moves, Tyler’s latest remix, and much more.

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27 thoughts on “Kanye Says Black Fans Won’t Leave Him, ‘This Is America’ Controversy | Everyday Struggle

  1. It's real simple, "American Pharaoh" came out and was posted online THREE YEARS before "This is America", and that shit was stolen. They took the entire concept and blueprint of the song, sketched over top of it and stole it lock stock and barrel.

  2. Homies song definitely came first. Childish Cambino is lucky as fuck homie is Humble as hell and not focused on some "star" making money off his own personal work, thoughts, and beat….

  3. Get your facts straight homies. Ol boy said "I'm glad my track inspired this hit" His song being published in 2016 has the same beat, same concept, same plot, same meaning?? Common now… Get your head out your fanboy ass lol..

  4. Foul how people still targeting Kanye for Trump and those kids locked in cages was proven it was from Obama's years. And out of the 12,000 kids there now…10,000 are without parents! Why? If I got locked up crossing into Canada or even here in the USA for some other sh*t , I can't bring my kids to jail with me and wouldn't want to! Peoples need to dive deep and do your own research! #Qanon #Greatawakening #WWG1WGA

  5. Separate the music from someone's personality. The whole R Kelly situation happened and most people still listen to his music because you can deny someone's views and actions but you can't deny someone's talent. When you can learn to separate the two then you'll understand music

  6. So just like you are free to speak your mind and tell us all about what u think of his opinions, let him be ass free as you and everyone else is to think/believe/love/enjoy the life just like he/she want to…. Love ur show.. one love.. Bob marley 🙂

  7. "What if Kanye said he wasn't black anymore?" That's such an awful question. He did a whole interview could have at least dug deeper into what he actually said instead of asking hypotheticals. Also Kanye has the right to speak his opinion just like everyone else. I feel like he's only getting grief because he isn't liberal

  8. At the end of the day kanye can say what he wants. The real issue is why do we worship what people say with big platforms. People look up to celebs like they gods. They bleed and shit just like u and me

  9. Wayno is wack af… they need to just get him off the show. he isn't too hip to hip hop. he wants to be a model on the low. he said at 17, he didn't think lil wayne would be lyrical in the years to follow. that's when tha block is hot came out. when lil wayne was at his best lyrically

  10. Wait, so did Kanye say he's not black? Why the fuck they arguing some shit he didn't say?

    Nadeska and Wayno some dumb fucks. So they just admit that they follow whatever their favorite artist says. You've never worn Puma and you've trashed the brand your whole life, but now Jay got a deal and here you are in a Puma sweatsuit with Puma shoes talking about Puma is the new wave. smh

    The sad part is that these people really think they're "woke" and "enlightened" when in reality they're fucking gullible mindless zombies going along with whatever their masters, the democrats, tell them to do.

  11. "Harley has responded to the controversy on Instagram, as Reddit points out. "I always felt my song inspired it lol from the first time I heard it," adding "artists being thirsty for bread is why ppl don’t wanna credit anyone for inspiration. It’s all love and support from me, glad if my record influenced his 🙏🏾" Read the comments on Instagram." He Stole It.

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