Kanye Shares His Thoughts on Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton Gig

Friday morning saw us all blessed with a rarity: a Kanye West interview, and on Pret-a-Reporter of all places. It’s really a lightly moderated conversation between Yeezy and his interior designer and creative collaborator Axel Vervoordt. The conversation goes to some very deep, philosophical and interesting places that really showcase where Yeezy’s head is at right now. It seems like he’s unlocked some next-level zen, meditative shit. What that means for the sound of the next album, I don’t know because his and Axel’s conversation didn’t really go there.

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44 thoughts on “Kanye Shares His Thoughts on Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton Gig

  1. 'I wish to be water, in reference to yeezy sneakers selling out'.
    Uhhh, no. Being like water is just really common symbolism in Daoist and Chan Buddhist texts. If anything, it's in reference to being in accord with nature and responding to causes and conditions freely and without discord.

  2. The water reference has more correlation to Bruce Lee (& others) famous quote… not the SNEAUX. But I digress. What I look arguing a Kanye quote interpretation, on YT

  3. Kanye going crazy. that picture refrence sounds deep but in reality its pointless. pictures can capture the memories of those no longer with us that we can no longer seen in this physical plane. so kanye…shut tf up. trying to sound deep but sounds stupid

  4. Why do complex staff swear if you just gonna cut it out in editing. Yet nearly all the stories you report on are hip hop based and last time I checked swearing was pretty prevalent in hip hop

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