Kanye West Facing Legal Battle Over Yeezy Brand Name

According to a new report, Kanye West failed to file the required paperwork for the Yeezy brand name for his clothing line. As a result, a Chinese company reportedly snatched up the trademark to “Yeezy Boost,” as it pertains to clothing. Kanye and his team attempted to refile an application for the trademark recently but were told it had already been claimed. It could lead to a legal battle for Kanye.

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25 thoughts on “Kanye West Facing Legal Battle Over Yeezy Brand Name

  1. This story is Fake News (debunked by teamkanyedaily)…why do people just believe anything TMZ reports especially when it comes to legal matters? Kanye owns the legal rights to a variety of "labels" (Yzy, Yeezy, his own name) through his Mascotte Holdings, Inc. company. By the way the other story about Yeezy Season 7/8 only having shoes was debunked by Kim K on Twitter. This is just one of those attention grabbing headline stories made up by the tabloids in the last year or so about Kanye to get clicks. They know Kanye never responds to false stories and rarely does any interviews so they just be making shit up especially now that he has no social media to respond. Smh

  2. All he gotta do is create an off brand yeezy like how the Chinese did. Yeezy was created by Yeezy, the Chinese used it as he did not patent it in China so then they bought the rights to the name so he can make an off brand yeezy. Yeezyception

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