Kanye West Returns to Wyoming to Finish New Albums

Wyoming, of all places, has been in the news quite a bit recently thanks to the current recording destination preferences of Kanye West. Following this week’s pair of widely discussed and debated press appearances and tweets, West has reportedly made his way back to the Cowboy State to finish the slate of new G.O.O.D. albums set to be released over the next couple months.

West’s new buddies over at TMZ reported as much Thursday, citing their sources as saying West left California Wednesday and is now in a “secluded” rented spot in Wyoming that’s “literally on a mountaintop.” West is expected to spend several weeks at this location, i.e. the same location where he previously linked up with Kid Cudi, King Louie, Tony Williams, Travis Scott, and more.

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47 thoughts on “Kanye West Returns to Wyoming to Finish New Albums

  1. Frazer stop acting like you know what you're talking about when it comes to music. You were still in your dads 10 year old nuts when college dropout came out kid

  2. While all y’all hated on Frazier I was sat in my corner quietly thinking “he’s not that bad.” This video changed everything. I feel y’all now.

  3. Kanye > the people. He wanted your focus, attention and, emotions, and he got them. Hopefully we use this same energy at the midterms, community events, and elections. Liking, sharing, and posting a fake delegation from a Dave Chappelle skit, but half of the people wouldn't participate in an actual real election. I'm glad we have our priorities in order. #socialmediapersuasion

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