Kanye West Says: ‘We Have Freedom of Speech But Not Freedom of Thought’

After Yeezy used his platform to boost conservative YouTuber and Tomi Lahren runner-up Candace Owens, he immediately faced severe backlash online. His latest tweets seem to be a response.

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23 thoughts on “Kanye West Says: ‘We Have Freedom of Speech But Not Freedom of Thought’

  1. that shit don't make any sense because thought is the same as speech that's audible !!!! .it's crazy how the right will condemn you until you adopt there thoughts as truth, the truth that they set, that will align with there agenda.screaming free thought when they want us to think as they want us think. they want us blacks to help them limit government so they can roll back most of the protections that we have established thus far, so they can steer us like cattle and pasture us any where they see fit and treat us as harsh as they wish with impunity.

  2. I'm standing with Kanye on this one, Candace may sometimes seem like she is trolling, but if you hear her story its kind easy to get why. she isn't really all that conservative, she just got shit on by progressives and decided to stake her area out in between those camps. and really isn't that what all of us do. no one is 100% liberal or conservative on every issue. not if we are being honest. if anything being independent, not being beholden to either of these ideological extremes seems like a good place to be.

  3. Congrats, you are doing EXACTLY what Candace Owens says. Go ahead, try to discredit what her and Kanye say, but just realize you are playing into their hand and showing that they speak the truth.

  4. What’s so controversial about Candace? Because she wants black people to stop with the victim mentality?
    My family fled communist Cuba, and like many Cubans, they became successful. Just took 1 generation. You can’t be successful if you’re constantly bitching about other people. The left are the new Puritans…seriously, nobody wants to hear it anymore. If your life sucks, look in the mirror. That’s a message that should resonate with all people.

  5. Oh shuuuuuutttt up! Sick & tired of these damn lefties. They're like that annoying shit kid who plays, "Im not touching you," and thinks you're having fun. We're not. We're barely tolerating you and only resisting the urge to punch you in the face for the sake of civility… and b/c your parents are right there. ✌🏽

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