Kanye West Settles Canceled Saint Pablo Tour Lawsuit

Today, Kanye West has put to bed a very prolonged legal issue that’s been lingering ever since his Saint Pablo Tour cancellation, TMZ reports.

The rapper settled a longstanding lawsuit against insurance company Lloyd’s of London, who refused to pay for losses that incurred from the canceled gigs. Lloyd’s withheld payments, saying drug and alcohol abuse led to Yeezy’s unraveling, claims that Kanye’s people said were baseless. In response to the insurer stalling on the payout, Kanye’s touring company, Very Good Touring, ended up suing Lloyd’s for approximately $10 million. Lloyd’s later counter-sued.

Ultimately, Lloyd’s figured it was too risky to go head to head with Kanye’s lawyers in court. Rather than take the risk of losing and having to pay even more in penalties, the company and Kanye have come to an agreement. In a statement provided to Pitchfork, an attorney representing West’s Very Good Touring, said that “the matter was amicably resolved.”

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23 thoughts on “Kanye West Settles Canceled Saint Pablo Tour Lawsuit

  1. Kanye has no mental issues that's the media portraying a man that has sense. Look at what they did to Dave chappelle they called him crazy and on cocaine

  2. Kanye get through this man your my favorite artist and I remember when you said I have never done drugs in my life I have drank alcohol but that’s it well now you have but you can get through it but don’t do pills otherwise then that’s some dumb shit. I do listen to rappers do drugs such as Trippie Redd but I’ve always liked Kanye and I don’t him to get in to drugs and end up like Kid Cudi in rehabilitation so get better Kanye stop the drugs and booze and get back to being Saint Pablo the guy who invented the Yeezy the guy who went from having a feature with T-pain to one with Jay Z just get better and be better I pray for you man remember when you were always crediting God for everything you did well God ain’t like this just get back to the Kanye we love

  3. I love Kanye and his music, and I fully understand and support mental health issues. But there's no way that company should be at a loss due to Kanye being paid for shows that were canceled.

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