Kate Upton ‘Can’t Wait’ to Expose Guess Co-Founder for Sexually Harassing Women

Upton accused Guess co-founder Paul Marciano of sexually and emotionally harassing women. While she hasn’t shared details yet, other women have chimed in with their own experiences.

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27 thoughts on “Kate Upton ‘Can’t Wait’ to Expose Guess Co-Founder for Sexually Harassing Women

  1. I always be wondering how talentless women like the Kardashian’s make it or late Upton cause Ik there are better models and etc … but we all know they be suckin their way to fame so stop complaining. Unless someone raped u or sumthin cause now people comin up wit dese stories for clout. Btw if I had to smash an older lady for a couple million I would 😂

  2. These people continue to work and be cool with these dudes knowing they creeps and sexually harassed or assaulted them or other “victims” hmmm🤔🤔 guess it’s cool as long them checks cashing smh . Thanks for the hip hop and sports update complex.

  3. Im proud to have helped inspire the release on harvey weiinstein. Its one of the only positive things to come from the torture campaign from the media ive endured over the last to years. I told the young lady that by keeping secret the rape and sexual harrassment in hollywood its only going to get more women raped molested and sexually harrassed. That by not exposing those that hurt her that she was helping to insure they would have even more victims in the future. Almost helping to take part in those future crimes herself. I wont say who she was because she was a victim to. But she understood that she did not want to be responsible for more upcoming actresses and musicians to have to endure what she had allready been put through. Im very proud of her for speaking up and for helping to make the world a better place ft or the coming generations. To bbc.co many in hollywood were only keeping their mouths shut because they were benefitting from the crimes committed against them they kept secret. They hadnt realized that those benefits they recieved were only helping to perpetuate more crimes. And many of them against very young children. It was a vicious circle of rape. To know I helped end that cycle is always going to be one of my most proud accomplishments. The fact that rapist and pedophilles want to kill me now for inspiring their victims to come forward does not bother me in the slightest. The fact that the press is suppressing my true story from being told to the public . Now that bothers me. By keeping it where only those in the industry are aware of what I did and noone in the public then that only puts / me in more danger. Now only those who wish me harm know who I am. And those that support / my efforts have no idea who I am or that they were supporting my efforts at all. Which means noone knows that I need protection. Leaving me fully exposed for people like harvey weinstein to seek vengeance upon at their own desire. Thats the reality of suppression of truth the news media is engaged in. They / mAke people like me trying to make the world a better place Into their victims. Thus contributing to a whole other cycle of vicous crimes that are about to take place. Know when they find my body that it is the american news media responsible for mt being murdered. Dont let them get away with it. Or more will suffer needlessly just for trying to protect the innocents. Thank you for reading this if if got to this point.

  4. Kate Upton…..what does she do other than have big breast? So she has been knowing but just now almost speaking about it? So i guess she's looking for the highest bidder.

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