Katt Williams On His Standout Role in the ‘Atlanta’ Premiere

Katt Williams is starting 2018 on the right foot. Fresh off a great stand-up special on Netflix, the comedian is busy working on a pair of movies—Meet The Blacks 2: The House Next Door (with Mike Epps, Lil Duval, Bresha Webb, and Michael Blackson) and 2 Minutes of Fame (with Jay Pharoah and Keke Palmer)—and just had a show-stealing performance on the first episode of Atlanta’s second season. Katt plays Earn’s crazy uncle who, for some inexplicable reason just so happens to have a pet alligator, and the neighborhood kids call the “Alligator Man.”

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47 thoughts on “Katt Williams On His Standout Role in the ‘Atlanta’ Premiere

  1. This is the video thats making me unsubscribe…its a build up of garbage rappers you guys promote. You guys are out of touch with the real culture of hip hop….its like complex is the white guy who moved from Ohio to NYC and lived there for 5 yrs now you consider yourself to be a new Yorker. You think you know but you really have no idea.

  2. Tbh when I saw this nigga, Katt Williams open the door…I kinda went crazy. Like "Oh Shit, that's Katt Williams. WTF?!?" He was not who I expected to see open the door

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