Kawasaki Z125 Toce Full Exhaust Sound!

A quick sneak peek of the new Toce Full Exhaust installed on a Kawasaki Z125. This exhaust features the Toce signature look with a great sound to match. You can contact Toce Performance directly for any additional information.

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43 thoughts on “Kawasaki Z125 Toce Full Exhaust Sound!

  1. This is the Honda Civic of bikes. Hear me out, it's small and compact βœ”οΈ It looks cool βœ”οΈ and it sounds like a lawn mower with an aftermarket exhaust βœ”οΈ

  2. I am genuinely surprised that such a small low performance motorcycle can sound that menacing and cool. The low rev/idle sound emanates a quality vibe somehow through its soundtrack alone. Although, when you gaze upon the exhaust system itself the quality holds strong.. it seems through and through, like a quality item. I would be hard pressed to find a better solution to waking up the idiots who can't drive piloting 5000lb trucks throughout this great country that we have to share the roads with πŸ˜›

  3. Hello, can I ask a question? Does the Honda Grom tires (120/70 x 12 front and 130/70 x 12 rear) fit on Kawasaki z125 despite the wider dimension? Thanks. I want to replace wider tires for my z125.

  4. Companies should not have videos showing bad habits and illegal actions.
    1. Driving without proper gear
    2. Racing on public roads
    3. Driving on public roads without proper tags and plates

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